A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted


Would it be ok to advertise/share an iOS app that I have created and published to the App Store?


No…this is actually a pretty old guideline not to allow advertisements. Sharing that you have created an app and giving information on how others can do the same, however, can be considered coding/creativity.

Does that distinction help?


Yeah, it does, thank you

So, if I were to create a topic or post sharing about my journey in coding (where Hopscotch plays an integral role) through publishing an App in the App Store, it would be ok?


So long as there are no links or images to any of your personal sites or apps, yes. I think it is actually very appropriate and fits the stated company mission! :+1:t4:

(If, however, you feel strongly about the inclusion of either images of your personal projects and/or links, feel welcome to email THT and be prepared to share the exact links or photos in question.)


Ok, thank you!


When you mean u can’t share where u live, I imagine it’d be alright to share the country we live in, right?? You just can’t go into too much detail like city, etc.




Okay cool. Thanks for clarifying!! I just found it unclear in the first post :)


Thank you for this. This topic should be shown to everyone


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This is exactly what I was thinking a couple weeks ago. I also want more cello and bass sounding notes added to the music section, and Violin E string notes (higher pitched). Orchestra and Band instrument notes would be a great addition. Percussion would also be really nice as it adds more bass to the notes.

I also agree with the sound lag being quiet annoying. I can fix it but it does take a while to make everything perfect. And sometimes even if I fix it it’ll get off track again.


Wrong topic, lol! Go to Meta-Hopscotch to post suggestions for improving the app. Thanks!


Why is it that you cant share your youtube videos? It could be the persons own choice to do so. If they’d like to, they could. Just saying.


Hopscotch cannot moderate sites outside the forum, that is why personal links aren’t allowed. This is pretty standard for child safety practices for the protection of minors.


I get that, but cant the user them self decide whether they would like to share it?
I don’t really know to be honest.


No bc the rule is specifically there so that the kid doesnt make what could be their worst mistake yet,




Sure, you can share it, but by joining this forum, you agree to abide by the guidelines. Therefore, when you violate them, you agree to accept the consequences.


Ok. Thanks for letting me understand.


@Jazz the rule about no posts about leaving confuses me a little bit. It used to just be not to make whole topics, which is entirely reasonable. But unless you’re saying “I’m leaving this terrible place because everyone hat.es me”, I think saying “I’m gonna go” is fine. Because people here tend to get extremely attached, and if you leave without saying anything sometimes people will start freaking out. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen with WynterDiamond.