A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted





It’s alright for THT members to do as they’re an integral part of the forum and Hopscotch community. If there’s changes being made there and there’s a change in team members, it’s perfectly ok for them to make a topic to share that with us. After all, it is their forum for us and they’ve got the right + power to let us know about stuff like that if they want to


Exactly. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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general topics are basically “you can talk about anything, even not relating to hopscotch” which is why they arent allowed

that was put in place almost 2 years ago and all topics like that are hard to find if they are not deleted


could you link us to a general project topic created this week? any project updates topics (outside of beta-testing) would fit best in our general project updates topic.

as for leaving, fearless has put this situation quite well:

as employees of THT and caretakers of our community, these people have a responsibility to let us know when they come and go. it would be akin to a leader letting the community know that they’ve stepped down or have been recently appointed - these posts help us know who to direct our questions and concerns to!


Yep ^^ CCC said it perfectly

And the GPUT (General Project Updates Topic) is an official topic for all project updates.
However, beta-testing topics are different as they’re topics where people can get help and feedback on currently unreleased projects. These are allowed and are typically unlisted to allow for that privacy:))
If a beta topic turns into an updates topic, a leader will Clive it and portal all update posts to the gput

As for the THT farewell topics, I’ve explained that above, right here

There’s basically a difference between a user saying “I’m Ieaving” and creating a topic centered around that and a THT member saying goodbye to a community that they’ve helped build when they move on to bigger and better things. Same goes for arrival introductions (like Yuanyuan’s) — it’s a way for them to officially introduce new members and the people that’ll be working with us going forward.
They tell us all about that stuff because that means a change in moderation and how things work, which is stuff that’ll impact everyone. It marks a significant change in the community and dynamics, and it’s important for everyone to know about that. Those are official announcements, and can therefore go as topics under the #announcements category for every hop to easily access, whereas a yctayhch post or mss post (like what users will typically do when entering a period of inactivity) can easily get lost and isn’t as accessible.

Hope that helps ^~^


Hi ya’ll what’s up did anything get deleted?

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@QuadraticStudios (I think you asked, my b if I tagged the wrong person)

GitHub and GitHub repos are fine to share


bump wow this is old

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I guess that make since but you broke that rule


they are a Leader, i guess they have special rules. Theses are only for us, not for THT


The rules apply to everyone, regardless of TL :sparkles:

However, resignation posts are different from leaving posts. I’ve explained this elsewhere, hang on


@TGIF, you may find this topic helpful.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember all the guidelines and such, so if you’re not sure, just ask! :slightly_smiling_face:


ty! (still not sure how that particular drawing fits any of those, but seriously ty i was tryna find it aha)


these are the old guidelines, am i wrong?


These still apply as an extension to the current guidelines. If you look in the guideline topic, this topic is linked there.


I think Albus was pointing out that the two people holding hands might fall under ICR (inappropriate content-romance).
As to the rest, I think some users saw the person in the headdress thing as a more disturbing being. I know you didn’t mean it that way; it’s just always important to be mindful of how things may come across to others!

Np! Always ask if you need help

This is a list of things you can’t share on the forum, and although it goes with the guidelines, it’s not the guidelines topic, new or old

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I think there was only one person

Also, I was referring to the… clothing.

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OH LMA0 I NEVER KNEW WHAT THAT STOOD FOR THAT MAKES SEMSE TY (i think we’re talking about diff drawings though)