A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted

Hey guys! Many of you asked us to provide more concrete and detailed guidelines for what can and cannot be posted. Here you go!

These are meant to be a guide, but they are not exhaustive. We’ll continue to add to these as new situations arise.

A non-exhaustive list of things that can get your post deleted:

  1. Using swearing words
  2. Name-calling
  3. Bullying or trolling other users
  4. Rude language
  5. Anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
  6. Personal information:
    • Your last name
    • Usernames for other platforms
    • Your email
    • Your phone number
    • Where you live
    • Your school
    • And anything else that anyone can use to locate you
  7. Personal Photos:
    • Photos of yourself
    • Photos of your friends and family members.
    • Photos of your house or street
    • Photos of your school
    • Photos of any other location that can give away where you are. This also includes photos of your letters, messages, and phone screens.
    • Photos, taken of other games or platforms, that reveal usernames, server names or other information that could lead someone to finding and communicating with you.
    • Any original pictures that you or someone close to you has taken[1]
  8. Links for others to contact you outside of the forum. This includes Whiteboard, Discord, Hangouts, Padlet, Instagram, any websites that require and/or collect login information (like google sites, docs, sheets, etc) and others yet to be invented.
  9. Links to your personal websites, Vimeo and other similar to these sites.
    • This includes any and all websites unless you’ve coded them yourself and have shared them through an approved site.
  10. Links to websites that contain harmful advertisement and chats.
  11. Requests for someone else to share their personal information.
  12. Content that contains dating, violence, cruelty, horror scenes, diseases, self-harm, or is disturbing in any other way.
  13. Asking for followers or likes or asking if users like you.
  14. General Topics aren’t allowed
  15. Anything that harasses or grieves anyone, impersonates people or exposes their private information
  16. Posts involving mass data-collection from users, such as asking them about their location, school, district, grade, and age.

Things you can share

  1. Your first name, age, and Hopscotch username.
  2. Links to the websites that contain useful information about coding and creative arts.
  3. GitHub, GitLab for accounts that have Hopscotch projects only
  4. Your YouTube channel videos about Hopscotch.
  5. External services you create, provided the following are true:
    • The source code is public and a link is provided
    • The app/service does not collect private user data such as email or IP with their app.
    • The platform hosting your app/service does not modify the app in such a way that collects user data (i.e. adding analytics tracking scripts)

These rules apply across the forum, including in profile bios.

  1. with the exception of artworks that comply with the DHT photo guidelines ↩︎


Hey, so I have a question. Say I’ve made song that I want to share with people here. Now, normally, I would just post it as an unlisted YouTube video and post it here. But, with the new guidelines, how am I supposed to show it to others? Music is related to creativity, after all.


Thanks for specifying!

Are pet photos allowed? (Without any stuff in them, specified in the first post, of course)


I am not sure, but if you unlist the video and turn off comments, it might be allowed. But do not share it until you get official approval by either @Ana, @Jazz or someone else that can make those decisions as I am not completely sure about this.


The forum is designated to support the Hopscotch app and coding related content. While music is creative, it wouldn’t qualify as applicable content unless you have coded a music project and include the link.

Any personal website is restricted, regardless of whether comments are turned on or off.

I hope this helps clarify?




As long as your cat isn’t a notable public figure :wink:, it should be fine. Just be sure that any photos posted have any potential personally identifying information scrubbed.


No PewDiePie links


Ok. Thanks for that! This is really helpful. If my indistinguishable porch is in a pic can it get removed?


Would we still be able to share what continent and/or country?


Yes…it can get removed. Why? Because it can technically be google searched.

(Sorry, @TheDeliciousOrange, my first answer to your question was unclear.)


how about instead the hs team revamps the whole music system there bc i swear its impossibler to make music than art when theres only one instrument in there and theres like legit no way of making the sound effects shorter (aka for making decent percussion noises) or the dreaded lag thats always there making songs sound off all the time, or the fact that the notes you can play in the first place are more limited than when the default colors were the only thing available in hs app lol.

i could go on for a while but seriously, they gotta get that music scene up, and at the very least so that u can play the already set up stuff without anything added without much trouble.


Continent, country and even state aren’t identifiable enough, generally. City wouldn’t be allowed.


Sounds like a great idea! Go ahead and post this in meta-Hopscotch to share your idea.


you mean like make a topic about it?


id be pretty rare to live in a micronation tho lol,

oof tho theres gonna be like one that does.


If you search and cannot find another app suggestion that matches your idea, then, yes.


i feel like literally no one in here cares about music in hs app at all lol.

i wonder what it wouldve been like if music and art interest were switched around with all the artists here and in the forum lol.

ill make a topic soon about it.


Are links to professional buisiness websites/YouTube channels that I have happened to create allowed? Is it ok if they contain some personal information in them?


No, due to the likelihood of contact outside the forum.