A nice civilized conversation


Okay soooooo there's a lot of hate going around about me and I would like y'all to share your opinions about me because I'm pretty sure like half of y'all think I'm stupi.d and some words I would say if this place wasn't surrounded by people under 12.

  • ur cool
  • idk lol
  • ur not cool leave


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You cool!
You are amazing!

You are my Senpai!


Um you don't have my answer on that poll.
I'd say "Think before you post. I'm sure your a nice person, but you say rude things sometimes".


Let the past be the past and the present be the present!

Put everything behind us!


what would you want to answer


I dont know why your hated.... Can someone tell me?


So basically she's a human


Your really nice, but the twelve year old comment wasn't needed.


It's true though lol


Yes, it is XD

But it isn't really needed no matter what




It was just a bit strong.


No I would say bad words

@superswaggy can verify this fact of life


Sometimes I think you talk a lot to other people but don't talk to me at all!

Just my opinion


XD sorry.


It's fine, I curse.


Ur cool

Ur very cool

Ur too cool 4 me

I can grammar


I dunno


You are awesome! People are probably mad because you closed their topic or something, but your just trying to do your job! I think you are an amazing person!


I just think the past is the past!
We shouldn't worry about it!


U r a bit rude to me. I bet u r a nice person but I Just feel like u say rude things. It might just be that you are stressed from school. I feel like what you say is okay for a member or regular to say but not a mod. That was just my opinion