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Battlefront is here!
Battleheart took your people and you need to save them! Embark on a journey through space fighting Battleheart’s army and then fighting Battleheart himself to save your people!

Go through 20 stages of enemies and fight your way through a boss fight that actually fights back!
I am very proud of how this game turned out and so I hope you guys enjoy it!



How do the ships fight back though? I went through 2 stages and the ships just stopped.


I didn’t say the army fought back


Oh ok :ok_hand:

Just misread it my bad


Yea it’s all good


A wild @Mindcool24 had appeared


This is really cool!


That is a really nice game, I think, so well done!




Really cool, but I preferred your earlier games where you didn’t use images and made all the objects yourself. To me, images seem like a shortcut to making things more easily. (Yes, I get that HS need to make money somehow.) It is still a good game though!


If you can make something look good with images, why not do it? As long as it works fine, the better it looks the better.