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I am having a horrible time with Hopscotch and it’s editor. For one, the app will not very often but crash when coding in the editor. Two, when closing a draft or project, the app will crash occasionally. Three, blocks and code do not perform like expected to. Here’s an example:

The circle that is white should be in front of the black circle but smaller, and the black circle bigger but behind the white one making a black thin circle like this:

But it’s not showing like that, instead it thinks the white circle just doesn’t exist.

Last but not least, the editor is often but not often unresponsive. There have been times where I just get seconds of delay between tapping a block and the block responding to it.

Anyways this is awful and I think this deserves its own topic but I’m putting it here for now.


So a update regarding the post above, I found a way around the problem with the objects not acting correctly. Everything else still stands.


Useful info: Device name, what is the longest conditional or the most nested conditional (most if loops within or most math blocks in equation), HS version, iOS version, etc.


Very proud of the game design and little animations!
I think this game is going to be huge step for me in designing my games.

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Looks great. I assume it is smoother than the GIF shows.

Why not add me to the tag list too?


I will add you.
Yea paying for the premium subscription on this gif app is not worth it, so it’s not full frames


oof you should cancel it and replace it with a Siri Shortcut


I don’t have the subscription and why the Siri shortcut


I meant cancel GIF subscription (you did already? ok)

This siri shortcut is a Convert to GIF tool no internet required, can stitch photos or convert a video:

Shortcuts can be very helpful sometimes


I never had the subscription, I was saying it’s not worth it and so it’s not gonna be full frames


Oh you said is not worth it, saw it as was. Sorry about the confusion


Yea it’s all good


You should be! That’s great, and it looks like a fun game so far!


Recently, THT submitted the wrong Hopscotch version to App Store due to human error. Check if there is any updates available and see if that fixes it, because the wrong version includes some major bugs as it was one of the beta versions of Hopscotch, I believe. There is an update out that fixes this though.


I have the latest version so I don’t know


Then, this might be something to report to THT if you can replicate the bugs.


It’s sporadic but it’s also not consistent


Oh, okay. I don’t know how THT can look into this then, sadly. But you should probably still email them!


I’ll see what I can do


Do you remember the boss fight in Adventure?
Yea, this boss fight is actually a fight.

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