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I have been dead on Hopscotch for the beginning of this year, and now I think I’m ready to come back!
There was a little teaser gif I posted a while back (was flagged for absolutely no reason) and this is what it was…
This game is called Battlefront.
Battlefront is a game kind of similar to adventure except you have a new world, new enemies, new boss, and a new environment.
You will be adventuring through space in a ship going through multiple stages of new enemies and new bosses.
Battlefront is still in its beginning development stage so you might not see this game being finished this month.
I have been gone for a while to get my motivation back, getting away from people trying to be mini moderators and flag every single one of my replies and topics, and just to take a break from working on projects.
Rest assure that I am coming back very soon and I can’t wait for future projects that come out!

Also just don’t even bother with the category


That’s sounds so cool dude!! I really can’t wait til it’s out

Keep me updated please!!


I will definitely keep you all up to date


Sounds coolio
Dab on the flaggers lol


Big epic


wot m8?


Wow, you’re going to code a game like that? Sounds really interesting and exciting! Tag me when your WIP or official project(s) release!


I remember that GIF and I´m glad that you are back!


Okay. I will try to stay updated!



I got a bunch of designs done and a lot of core gameplay implemented.
Obviously not all of the core gameplay like the shop is finished but definitely getting there!

I won’t be tagging the tag lists for posts like this. Pomtl will only be tagged for this post to see if anyone wants to join this type of posts. If you want notifications for this type of posts, let me know


Looks awesome so far! :+1:t4:
(Very familiar symbol. Like!)


This game sounds really fun! I am curious, though… why did you decide to use this symbol?


It’s the ship in the game, therefore it’s the symbol of the game


Ah, okay. Just wondering because it looked like a symbol from a different game. Thank you!


Yea no worries


This looks amazing so far! I would like to be tagged about game updates, if possible.


:clap: :clap: GREAT GAME
PewDiePie should make an acc on Hs lol


I would love to be on your tag list


Yay! Looks exciting @TheCMStudios (tag me please!)