A new way of making collision code!


So, I am making an RPG. While I was thinking about it, I had an idea for it :bulb:
So here is my tutorial for it!

Step 1

Make three values called:

"Move Bump"

Step 2

Make four buttons.

Step 3

Add character object and add four "When is Pressed" rules to that object.

Step 4

The "Move" value is changed depending on the buttons.
Up = 1
Right = 2
Down = 3
Left = 4
And the "Not Equals" number is the number corresponding to that button.

Step 5

Add these rules on any object:

And boom! It's done!

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Credit to @Stradyvarious for the idea.

How to make a list to choose from

Amazing potato! Amazing turtle! Amazing train!


I love this tutorial! It will come in really handy! Thank yuk so much for making it! :clap::smile:


Cool tutorial! =D

I'll try this out if I remember :P


Great tutorial but the images are really small


Super amazing tutorial!


I used 2 values and there was a glitch if pressing 2 arrows at once.
Your added 3rd value and code has fixed that problem.
Great work​:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Now you have to figure out the reverse of this for the character standing still and the level scrolling and stopping when bumping the character.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Can you post a tutorial/link to the code when you do.


Actually, I am doing exactly that! The level scrolls. I have almost made the basics of the game.



(are you on, @AHappyCoder? I'm so lonly :<