A new wave of experiments!


So, we have this account. Let's put it to good use.

I'll be taking some project requests on here to see what information we can get from the community. This account will become pretty active, at least on Hopscotch. These experiments will all take place on the app, and I (Gilbert) will invite @Kiwicute2016, @BuildASnowman, @DestroyASnowman, and @PopTart0219 to help with this, as well as a new guest, @Intellection74, if she chooses to accept. (I can contact her privately, and she has some awesome coding skills!)

So, if anyone has any experiments, try to not make a new account for it, this can become the experimental account, that we can all learn from!


You're still using that? Cool! I want to try this thing you did…


No, please don't. We really are trying to limit all these secret accounts, and I think this account started. So, if you have anything to experiment with, tell us, and you can help us carry it out here!


No, I mean with a different secret account. But people are getting suspicious with the AnonymousBox account.


Awesome! I'll see what experiments I can come up with.


Sounds cool! I don't have any expierments in mind though!
Off topic: "DestroyASnowman" lol!


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Yay! If you go onto docs, I'll give you the password to the Hopscotch account. :D


You should make an experiment about colors in a project! One of them can have fun hsbs, but the other can have duller colors or regular hopscotch colors. I want to see how the presentation of a project effects what Hopscotchers like!


Congratulations, @Intellection74!
I love the new profile pic, by the way.


Hmmm ok. How about, a hater experiment. But not making yourself a fake hate account. Something you can show people to see how hard it is to be an artist. Artists are given a hard time sometimes from what I've heard from XiaoMiaoMi/Shivelight. So this is how the experiment would work.

Take art requests and have some good art floating around the account.

Do some, but not all of them.

Keep doing this until someone remixes your project with hate

Flag and keep going

Now as time goes by either: there will be little hate, or a lot of hate

Now what does this experiment prove you may ask? It shows us how many haters are on Hopscotch. But. It also shows how many good people are on Hopscotch. How? Well, remix one or two of the projects with the hate, and say something like, I'm sorry to it please be patient. The people who remix the project saying something similar are good people. Obviously not all good people will see the project. But it still shows how much hate artists really get. You can use this information to help try lower the hate. Yeah I'm not very good at coming up with these...


No. Poptart didn't want this.


Also, check out our new profile picture!

@DancingLollipop, I'll make it the same project, but with HSBs in one, and normal ones in the others. Should it just be a design?


Okay, then let's not.


Yeah sure! :D


@DancingLollipop, I did a simple sin/cos spiral with normal, Hopspctch colors, then republished less than a minute later with HSBs! Check and follow our account for the results of the experiments!


Great! I look forward to seeing how this wil turn out!


In 9 minutes, the HSB one has 6 likes, while the other has 3.


I just published my first collection of data. Maybe you guys could make a snowman?


Are we making a doc for it?

EDIT: I mean, I'm uh, not in the collab, uh, I'm just wondering how BAS will do it.