A new Hopscotch Book - Little Snail and The Terror of Hopscotch


Okay title says it all ^^^
Five spots, first five people to enter get in.
Just ask to be in! Add weather you want to be good or evil.
1: @CreativeCoder
2: @crazygoat
3: @seawolfwerehorse
4: @Redo122
4: @Kitkat26


Sure...why not. Can I be in it?


Sure! Restarts Mission Impossible theme song


Oh, and good or evil?


me = leader of evil xD


i'm in



Because, again, why not.

That's why.



I want to be a good person!


Okie dokie. You may or may not get kidnapped by system tho XD


wish I could help write

gets idea

can I write? xD


Dont steal meh Bot represententaion from -Bot Wars- through XD


Sure, I will email the doc soon.


Okay lol.

It has Frosted Yum-Yums every chapter.

That's all I'm going to say.



can you email to hoptube@zoho.com tho?

my g.mail no work xD


whoop, fogot to watch

watches topic


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Have you got it?


can I be in and can i be EVIL MWAHAHAHAHA` please. 8)


Can I be in? I would like to be good.


I am so dumb I thought this said a new hopscotch block and I freaked out!