A new game I am making!



Hey guys!

I am making a new game called Star Catch! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for the game, or wanted to collab on it. If anyone would like to collab, please reply with your hopscotch username, and what you want to help with. If you have a suggestion, leave the suggestion and how (if you know how) to add it



Hi @TheGamerNextDoor15! Maybe explain what the game Star Catch is so people can give better ideas! :D


Ok! :smile:

Star Catch is a game where you try to catch stars to reach to 100, where you get a random prize (in-game prizes only). I am hoping soon to add selection of characters.


Hmm maybe instead of doing the HS characters or emoji's you could use a simple model!


Thanks! I think I'll add that after I fix some bugs.


Maybe you could make a background that is like a city?


I was thinking of doing that, but Star Catch is supposed to be in the sky.


Ok it was just an idea


Even though I didn't use the idea now, I might use it in a new update. It is a really good ideas, I just need to figure out how to make it! :sweat_smile: