A New Era of Hopscotch Music!



Hey guys! Today, I made a piece in Hopscotch - "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin, one of my favorites. However... this piece, and all my pieces from now on, now has VISUALS! This means you can see the notes as they are being played:

This is probably my favorite project I have ever done, as it not only aims to be of auditory value, but also of visual! It also has little bubbles triggered by the notes.
What do you guys think? Feedback? Constructive criticism? Ideas?

Here is the project:



Can't like! Need u on the doc too! :D best piece ever!


i was in the middle of a draft just like this


I love this! It sounds amazing, and the notes shown are amazing!!!


Oh my gosh I love the. Song the entertainer and I love jazz.


Wow that's AMAZING!! It's really good! Bravo! :clap:


This is amazing! I love it! Fantastic Job!


Awesome! :smiley:


I like the tune and visuals.
Is this the music that was played when ppl used to watch black/white movies and there was no sound?


extreme facepalm
Yes. People listened to the music without sound
Jk I know what you are talking about, but I found it funny


This is awesome! I guess you figured out the clone part!

Maybe a slight addition might be the ability for the user to play on the piano as well! And maybe use pure black instead of Hopscotch black? Might look a bit more appealing to the eye! In other words, this is amazing! I enjoyed the dots in the background!


Maybe, you could put a game while the person is listening! Instead of the suggestion you are great here!


:0 I have an idea, @BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016 docs pls


3 words. Never mind, I'm speechless. :joy:


Does this use that hack??


@Dude73, that's 4 words. :wink::joy::laughing:


Whoooooooo that's is soooooo good!


I was going to say "that was awesome" but then I realized I was completely speechless. :joy:


I know, it was a joke. :smile:

I agree, it's amazing!


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