A New Chapter to Coding?


Hi Guys CrookedCat6519 here!

So in the next few days, the school year is starting where I live. I am going into seventh grade (middle school for the second year now) and I cannot wait to start coding again! I have missed all of the hopscotch community as all of you are great people.

Anyways, I am starting a new "season" of Hopscotch. Me and my new coding partner and friend TheBlueWombat81 are going to be creating new games (not spoiling anything) but they are going to be good. So just as a heads up, TheBlueWombat81 and I may be a bit busy settling in to school so it might be a bit before we post anything or create a game but after that nothing but cool new games.

Hope you all are excited for a new chapter of hopscotch with @TheBlueWombat81 and I.



Have fun in The Magic School Bus Trump University school!


Lol, ok thanks, ha ha!


Hope you get yer knowledge in school! :smiley:


"Yer" makes me feel like a pirate or something


Definitely will...I hope, don't want to be the only 31 year old seventh grader! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don't worry
You'll be fine


Thanks! So this post needs to be 20 characters long, so that's why I am typing this...


I'm going into 6th grade and this is my second year


Hu...interesting...I never heard of that, that's cool!


Have fun! Can't wait to see those games!


Or Hagrid :stuck_out_tongue:



What's you account on Hopscotch? I want to see your awesome games!

and spam like you


How did you know we go to Trump University?!


Our hopscotch usernames are our forum names.
TheBlueWombat81 is mine
CrookedCat6519 is his

We have both been featured once. Be sure to check out those games


Just as TheBlueWombat81 said, our names are the exact same.


I'll check these accounts out!


Cool! Hope you like them!


I can't access hopscotch right now, it is down for me. I hope it will work in a few minutes! :slight_smile:


I have checked this accounts out. They are AWESOME!