A new big project?


I understand that there are TONS of ideas for projects.

However, I want to make something that nobody's made before, an idea that nobody has ever made. Does anyone have any ideas for this type of project?


Cooking game, think of a food that's never made as a game. :wink:


An eel slap simulator!

I'm sure no one has done that before


Going to school! Aka chooses go to school over stay home, chooses science instead of math! Etc


Great ideas! I was thinking of something like a conversation simulator, where you have 2 choices, and you converse with the computer! Do you like that idea?


That's a awesome idea! :D


That sounds awesome!
I don't have any ideas that would be super unique.


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What should the name of the computer be?





That nobody has made. I'll edit it. :sweat_smile:


Yes or a pranking simulation


I was thinking you should try doing a more traditionalish game with more complexish code like candy crush or jenga
(Lol i like to add ish to everything)


No...not good...very inappropriate D:


How about well just bring out the nuke @rawrbear


No thanks please! I want original ideas that aren't on a list! (Not that those aren't original, but I want non compiled ideas. :wink:)


How about kinda like a hopscocth forum in hopspctch!


How is a prank ing simulator bad? Jody would be great for this


A dating simulator he was talking about!