A new art project

I have been confused. I needed a new art project. It is just so hard (still working on pixel) is there a different one I can do?

I have more. Go to the hs app and search up ArtistChristmasTree97


Do you mean you wan’t help for pixel art?


Hey there @MuteChristmasTree97! I’d love to help, but I’m a little confused about what your question is. Are you asking for help with a pixel art, or are you looking for pixel art requests, or something else? I know we’d all love to help out (:

If you are able to clarify what you mean, a leader can help you create a new OP for this topic to give others a better idea what it’s about :slight_smile:


Are you asking for a collab?


I have manly did close to everything.

The prob was that I do not know what to do. What art project should I do?


So do you want ideas of what you could make?


Hey there, it seems no one really understands what you mean in your OP. If you’d like to write a more detailed OP that explains the situation better I’d be happy to replace it for you. Make sure to re read your post and check for both grammatical mistakes, and spelling mistakes. Have someone around you read it and see if they can grasp the concept you’re trying to share with only reading that one message. If they can’t, be sure to expound upon the idea in your post. There are tons of people that want to help you that don’t know how!


It sounds as though you want suggestions for coded art, feel correct me if I’m mistaken.
If ideas for coded art is what you’re looking for, I have plenty of suggestions, such as:

  • Cat pixel art
  • Hat trail art
  • Yo-yo shape art

Hope these helped!

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They helped a little.

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Not not really

I was in the same problem in 2020 (pixel art requests) and I couldn’t do them

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Yea the same

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