A #music channel?



So! Recently, I've been doing a little bit of music, but I don't know where to publish it. In the art channel? The games channel? @Anonymous probably wants this, same with everyone else out there who is a music pro! Maybe could we add this in the next update?

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My brother just deleted Undertale from my computer, does anyone know how to get it back? Thanks!


I agree! A music channel would be great!


Yes! A #music channel would be awesome!

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Maybe just redownload it from Steam?? Idk, but I wish you luck!


There used to be one last year (there was like 16) but they removed em :frowning: not s lot of peeps made Mooozik back then


Yep it would be great!

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If it was your game then tell him about personal property that you have worked hard on.