A Mini Break :T


First off, I know I already posted an inactivity topic and now I'm changing my mind lol. But anyways, I'm taking a short break because I'm tired of all the negativity and leaving and stuff and wow this leaving topic is a really good way to fix all the leaving that people are doing .H.
But it's not really the leaving, it's the accusations and pointing fingers and stuff that fits into that category. It's really stressful and with me starting middle school I was gonna be extremely inactive anyways.
@PopTart0219 I know you've left but I'll probably still get a chance to meet you anyways. Cya at pals day :3
@JaggedJeans sorry about this. I'll help with the storee once I cool down. Or if you've got a good rythem and don't want me messing it up, I can just edit and stuff.
@StarryDream I'm not going to leave for that long, maybe from a week to two weeks. I think I can still dream up good activities for the club while I'm taking-a-break'ing.
@everyone see you later ;D
I'm actually going at around 9-10 am.


Okey fren! Have a fun break :0000

I'll miss ye


Have a good break
You'll be missed for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Okie but how long will the break be?
See ya


I'll miss you too ;-;
If you want a specific date for when I'm leaving, it'll be around 9 or 10 this morning.


I'll miss you all :P


So about 3ish hours?


Those lieks exploded


maybe a week, maybe two weeks, idk.


'Course your gonna miss us xP


Okie I'll see you fren


Yeah, about that time :3
It's 7:33 where I live lol.


Ciao :3


I'm suspecting it's now 7:34?


Well yeah lol


clap clap clap
magicccccc :0000
illuminati >:3


Yes see I'm magic


Bye fren!

See you soon!




Have a good break, OUAT! :P

I'll miss you! ;-;