A message all of hopscotch should know



If you're complaining about the suspensions, you need to stop. Just because you don't think they're fair doesn't mean you can complain about them. You have no idea how much THT works to make us happy. They had to add the subscription so they could make the forum and hopscotch stay here.
If you complain about the subscription but you say being suspended is unfair, think about what you just said. THT pays about two hundred dollars each month so our forum can BE here and so Hopscotch can be here. If THT didn't have any money from the subscription, Hopscotch and the forum wouldn't be here, and you just complained about being suspended for a few days. Think about the forum and hopscotch never being here ever again. It would be like a ban from a hobby. Does it make sense now? Would you like a day in THT's shoes, going through code trying to fix things, trying to get people to buy your subscription, answering emails, dealing with unnecessary flame wars, trying to make time to make us happy. Sounds hard, doesn't it? I bet THT would give up their iPads to spend one day in our shoes, at our school, taking the test we dreaded, just to get away from everything they have to do each day.
So next time, think about them and appreciate hem before you complain because guess what, they have to be away from their families when they work and away from their friends. It is like a suspension from things they enjoy.
A lot of you don't think about this.
I'm out and if you disagree, so be it.


I agree with both of you.

I agree with @Ella_13 because the suspension was kinda unfair.

But I also agree with @cash because I don't think that you need to make a whole topic complaining about it.



You are not here lol


That'd off topic emojiarts



I wasn't really about it cause I know they can't undo it

I was more saying that next time they should ask for someone's side of the story before suspending them

Maybe it wasnt them who communicated outside the forum. It was actually another forumer


What I meant was that you shouldn't complain about it at all...


THT deserves to do what they want and what they think is right so stop complaining about being suspended.


Well, yes, I agree you should not complain at all.


Dora rules. Dora and friends.


Ok so if they suspended you right now for something you didn't do, then you wouldn't complain? Or would u?

Do u think cc123 suspension was fair? I don't. They should have asked her what happened




I disagree

What if u were suspended for something u didn't do?


Ella you don't know this but you were also suspended for being rude.....


True, but we are customers. We deserve to be treated well too.

My suspension was not fair, but I haven't been complaining very much. I feel like this topic is pointed at me and Ella.


Not true

Liza sent me a pm of why I was suspended

It was for sharing personal info which I never did

I never told anyone my last name and never was going to

Plus, I think they stalked my insta and found it


Bruh it is at the people who complained about the subscription too


Well you were reported for being rude


Yes it is


But whatevs

I'll get u unsuspended