A Math Topic! (Fun Fact About Math, Need Help With HS-Math blocks)



Hi everyone! This is a math topic (which you probably already know🤪)!

Can someone teach me how to to use these blocks⬇️

Fun Math!

Math is Awesome


First reply, will edit, I did know that

Sine, cosine, and tangent trigonomic ratios (ratios on right triangle). From one of the non-right angles, sine = opposite over hypotenuse, cosine = adjacent over hypotenuse, and tangent = opposite over adjacent. Inverses are the opposite (inverse sin=hyp over opp, etc.)


The last 2 facts are just what happens when you use English. It’s just how it happened to be. Not exactly math. But still cool.

Here are a few block explanations @TheOnionSWE:

Modulo is just an operator that returns the remainder after division such as 9 / 2 = 4 with remainder 1 since 4 * 2 = 8 and 9 - 8 = 1.

Absolute value just takes a number and returns it as a positive number like the absolute value of -4 would be 4 and the absolute value of 6 would still be just 6.

Round simply takes a number and returns it rounded to the nearest integer. 9.6 would round to 10, 4.2 would round to 4, etc.

Minimum takes 2 values and returns the lower value or minimum of them, hence the name minimum. Examples:
• min(5)(10) = 5
• min(7)(2) = 2

Maximum is the same thing but returns the higher or maximum of the 2 values. Examples:
• max(12)(20) = 20
• max(15)(7) = 15

@Awesome_E explained sine, cosine, and tangent as well as their inverses very well and you can find many other topics on them, so I won’t cover them, but if you would like me to, just tag me somewhere and say “oi m8 tell me how to do sin cos and tan”.

Square root just takes a value and returns the number that when multiplied by itself results in the value. Examples:
• sqrt(100) = 10 because 10 * 10 = 100
• sqrt(16) = 4 because 4 * 4 = 16

Power takes 2 numbers and returns the first number or the base multiplied by itself the second number of times. Examples:
• 5 ^ 3 = 125 because 5 * 5 * 5 = 125 which is 5 multiplied by itself 3 times.
• 10 ^ 3 = 1000 because 10 * 10 * 10 = 1000 which is 10 multiplied by itself 3 times.

Random just takes 2 values, a minimum value and a maximum value, and returns a random integer in the range of those 2 values. Examples:
• random(2 to 104) could equal 56 or any number between 2 and 104.
• random(2 to 104) could not equal 187 though because the maximum value was 104 and 187 is not less than 104.
• random(2 to 104) could also not equal 0 for the same reason it can’t be 187 just in the other direction: 0 is not greater than 2 and 2 is the minimum value.

Those are all my explanations for the blocks you showed. You can also press on them for a little while and a menu will pop up showing what the block does and what you could do to use it in games.


i adore math!


me too


Every Single Math Block Explained with uses

Really Simple Ones

  1. Add - Adds numbers together

  2. Subtract - Subtracts numbers

  3. Multiply - Multiplies numbers

  4. Divide - Divides numbers

  5. Random - Picks a random number

Hard Ones

  1. Power - The first number multiplied by itself however many times the second number is. 2^3=2x2x2

  2. Square Root - Finds what number would need to be squared to make that number. squrt(25)=5

  3. Sine - Has many uses but is used to generate the Y coordinates in circles

  4. Cosine - Has many uses but is used to generate the X coordinates in circles

  5. Tangent - Has many uses but is used to make something point towards something else.

  6. Inverse Sine - I don’t know of any uses in HS.

  7. Inverse Cosine - I don’t know of any uses in HS.

  8. Inverse Tangent - I don’t know of any uses in HS.

  9. Maximum - Will display the second number until the first number is larger than it.

  10. Minimum - Will display the first number until the second number is larger than it.

  11. Round - Will round the number to the nearest whole number

  12. Absolute Value - Will make negative numbers positive.

  13. Modulo - Imagine a clock. The clock is broken up into segments of the second number, and goes around that clock, from zero, the first number amount of times. 20%6=2

And that’s it! @TheOnionSWE

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Help me with Hopscotch math (Sine and cosine, Variables, etc)