A lot of topics about ranks and badges



Hello! So I see a lot of new topics about someone's new badge or rank. I they really necessary though? A whole topic? It's something you can share in a general topic, or maybe in "Talk to a Hopscotcher." Or maybe, we could make a topic for announcing and celebrating new badges and ranks. That would probably be pretty useful, because the topics about them that keep being created don't have anything to do with Hopscotch.

Do you think we should make a topic for sharing new ranks and badges?

  • Yes, it would be great!
  • No. I don't think we need any topics for them.
  • I don't know.
  • No, the topics people make now are fine.
  • Yes, but I think the topics people make now are fine too!
  • I accidentally voted.


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Yeah I agree
We don't need 999999999999999 topics saying "Thank you for Regular I'm so happy"
EDIT:we could just say that in the welcome to regular topic but


Yeah, I agree that we could just say that in the welcome to the lounge topic ;D


Or we could make one topic for them all like not so much topics to clog the forum


Yes, my topic listed that we could do that, it's the main point of the topic lol ;D


Oops didn't see that sorry


That is okay! (^.^)/


Okayz people, we should probably make a topic for it because of how many people voted yes ;D

I'll do it soon ^.^


I don't know,lolly... I think people should just use their general topics.


This is also a good point...

So should we... or should we NOT make a topic?


That is a very good point, but we all have different opinions and not many people voted for no topics at all. Since there are many people who want a new topic for it, and not many who said no, I think the best idea is to make a new topic ;D :)


I just think it's unnecessary. People enjoy having their own topic for saying stuff like "I got regular" so I think we should just use general topics.


(We probably should, because many people said yes on the poll ;0;)


I know what you mean. I guess the only problem with this is that some people don't really have anyone going into their generals :thinking::thinking:

So if they wanna announce it to everyone one topic is easier then a dozen topics or an unnoticed post in a general topic :o


Well, I've made at least three topics for that, yet I kinda have to agree.... we don't really need them, they don't do anything. It's not really worth making a whole topic, especially when most people don't have a lot to say about it.

I don't think a whole topic for them is necessary, but if that's what works out, it's fine with me.


Yes, but they have the ability to invite people and tag people.


But if people don't look at the topic in the first place, or if it's already really inactive or...

I'm bad at explaining things, sorry ;-;

I get what you mean but... You know. Well you might, I dunno XD


I think it's either whole topic, or a lot of topics, or making a rule about not needing these topics or something. I think one topic will be better ;D (just my opinion though)


I understand what you mean, but it's just unnecessary in my opinion.
People can revive their topics by tagging people/friends and then their general topic will be more active, so why don't they revive their topic with a message too?


I don't know. Well, I kinda do, but like me said, me is bad at explaining :sweat_smile: