A lot of fan clubs and topics- Let's sort it out :)

Hi everyone, as you know, there have been many fan clubs and topics recently. These are nice, and cool, but there are just too many. Remember, though they are very positive, this is the Hopscotch forum. We shouldn't be clogging up the forum with fan clubs.

If you want to keep them going, it would probably be better to create one topic and use it for all your fan clubs. You could tag your members for any activities or polls there.

But of course, this is just my opinion. This isn't aimed at anyone, and it is only an opinion. Everyone has their own opinions, so please share yours as well :)

Now that I've said most of what I needed to say- I'll list pros and cons of all these fan clubs (because hey, why not)


  • They are very positive.
  • They are fun.


  • They have almost nothing to do with Hopscotch.
  • They are clogging the forum.

These are just the pros and cons in my opinion, please list yours in the replies :)

Okay, I've said just about everything by now. Let's get to the main point of this topic, sorting out fan clubs. We need to share our opinions, ideas, and talk all about these fan clubs, and if they are needed. Basically we can figure it all out here.

Remember, everyone's opinions are welcome. If someone doesn't agree with you, that doesn't mean you can start a fight.

Thanks for reading!


If this is saying to many are being created, yes, I agree. Gtg, say more tomorrow.


Okay, bye!

And yes- though it is only an opinion. This topic is for sharing all of our opinions ;D


I saw a topic like this already, but nice topic lolly​:blush:


I think I know what topic you're talking about, and I saw it before I made this, and it's actually really different, since this one is for sharing opinions and explaining why we do and don't need them ;D

Anyways thanks!!

Lolly's Fren Tag List



They can make one topic for all their new projects...


Great topic frenapai!

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Thanks so much explo!

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