A lot of collaborations are too simple!




What I am seeing a lot of the time is that collaborations are too simple. It's kind of weird how people are collaborating on an extremely easy project!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So: if you have an idea for an easy project, do it yourself! :wink:

Do you agree?

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I would say, but that would kind of be embarrassing for people who do have easy collaborations! :yum:

But an example would be like a Crossy Road game with a character select that is not 3D. I've seen these as collaborations, amazingly!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I'd like to see you make a pirate ship game I'm working on with@Tromax.
You have to get the angle/timing/size perfect to give the illusion of depth and code for the AI to detect what angle to fire from in the distance based on the players location. it's allot more advanced than just a simple run/jump game.


That's different. With a lot of other things to do like precise measurements, that's the opposite of simple. :wink:


I've started a 3d type plants vs zombie game on scratch.
Maybe I'll try to recreate it on Hopscotch later.
I havn't finished the Scratch version yet.
The plants come towards the player like an over the shoulder view.


Yeah, that's also the opposite of simple :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There's nothing wrong with collaborating on something 'simple'. People have different skill levels and experience with coding so collaborating on anything is completely fine :smiley:


Most projects that look impressive/pretty on featured are lacking in the fun department.
The creators focus so much time on looks they forget to make it fun to play.


I don't think that is very nice because they put a lot of hard work and effort on those projects. Besides, there are loads of amazing and fun projects that have been put on featured. Example: Dot 2. That was a amazing game that was put on featured. Praise for the creator.
And another project: Monster Octopus. Those physics are amazing!

Projects don't have to be fun, projects can be anything that the Hopscotcher wants to do. Projects can be used as a inspiration tool, they could be used to create something that the creator likes. Projects can be ANYTHING the creator feels like. Even if it is not fun.

Also, don't judge a project by it's cover. They could look HORRIBLE but the creator had put heart in it.


You don't understand what i mean. I didn't say all projects.
It's not rude to say there are projects that are fun that have not appeared on featured. Featured is just the opinion of a handful of ppl that work at Hopscotch.
They don't have time to play every project coded for everyday.
This would be impossible.
My point was simple doesn't mean inferior.


Sorry Stradyvarious. Forgot to notice that. But still, you shouldn't say that because the creators might take this as a insult.


Ppl could also get insulted being ignored as well.
I wont mention anymore about this.


Good idea. This was just talk about emoji bananas!