A Little Something


Hi all, it’s Snoopy. I’ve been thinking about this thing for awhile so don’t think I wrote this in five minutes. This doc has been on my google account waiting to be copied and pasted one day onto the forum...anyway here goes:
So, I’m leaving the forum. I have a bunch of reasons why so don’t scream at me to not go because it won’t change anything.
1. It takes up way too much of my time. It takes me forever now to finish my schoolwork because I’m constantly checking the forum and procrastination is not fun. Staying up late and waking up super early is horrible and bad for my health.
2. It takes up my cellular data when I use it with no wifi. I always go on the forum when I’m bored and whatnot when I have no wifi and it takes up my data. Now I’m almost out of data and I can’t do anything with no wifi. :frowning:
3. I don’t go on the forum for HS anymore. I mean seriously, almost none of my posts are relevant to HS and I don’t like that I’m setting a bad example. The HS forum is about HS, not about penguins, problems with your life, everything like that.
4. I’m too addicted. I guess this is like reason number one, but I’m supposed to be in bed by 10 or 1030 and I end up going through the forum until 11 and falling asleep until who knows when.
5. It hurts my eyes. I know, a lame reason but still a valid one. My eyesight is awful and I feel too much time on electronics is contributing to that.
6. I have too many alts. I have like seven alts, maybe more. I feel like I’m breaking so many rules. And yup, one of them was suspended even though I wasn’t the one who got it suspended. :frowning: And if you know one of my alts, please don’t tell. You know who you are.
7. I feel like I’m slowly disappearing on the forum. And you’ll be like, “NO SNOOPY YOU ARE SENPAI! ;-;” but please, no. I don’t want popularity (pffff all those notifications) but I don’t like disappearing either...
8. I feel kinda silly on this forum. I mean you all are cool but I feel so childish..I mean my mental age is probably like 5 but going on the forum, a HOPSCOTCH forum and talking about random stuff and using emoticons makes me feel like...I want to say this without offending anybody..just silly.
9. I have so many flags lol...I know a lot of people think I’m like perfect (or how I used to be) but nooooooooooo I have ten flags heehehe...well actually I have eight. Two were deflected but still flags soo yup..someone once said I overreact..yup I do
10. Addiction addiction addiction yeah you get the point
11. I miss going home and having nothing to check and talking to people. Now right when I get home, I go straight to my iPad and glue my eyes to the screen, not talking to my family.
12. I honestly feel as if I’ve changed in other people’s eyes...seriously I got rated and I got a 13 out of 20...thanks guys
13. I’m going through that thing when you change emotionally and physically yeah let’s not and it’s hard to control my emotions...sometimes they leak onto the forum when I should be taking a break and I get a flag or I get someone angry
14. According to several forumers, I overreact a lot. I guess that’s true. I don’t want to leave a scar on the internet that my future peers can find.
15. I’m not perfect. On the forum, I feel like you have to be perfect, and I understand it’s to keep everyone safe but of course number 13…
16. Lol I don’t even fit in anymore
17. I'm so stressed right now. This will sound like a rant. And it's spring break. I've been trying to finish a math packet, finish two novels, finish an organizer on one of them, trying to prepare three pieces for piano competitions..and the nearest competition is in almost two weeks...I've won an international flute thing and now I have to get ready for the concert...my homework is overwhelming me (before spring break) I can't sort out everything it's too much
18. My challenges and topics don't work...whenever I try to help I get criticized

Okay now for some people I want to mention.
@WhiteFeathers - You’re really nice and funny and a great artist...I’m leaving with me still beating you in the spam like competition so I’ll never see you beat me..penguins are awesome and if you ever touch a penguin then you’ve been blessed. Good luck with flute, if you want to be good you should get a private teacher if you don’t have any… Do long tones and your tone will be good no matter how boring it gets. It works. Anyway, good bye...
@XiaoMiaoMi - you’re an amazing artist as well and really funny too. I really like your attitude and how you phrase things, and everything you say is clear and concise. When you’re done your request, could you please ask someone to notify me on HS that you’ve finished? I’ll look on the forum when you’re done with it. I’ll come back to see it. :D I also like how you can be straightforward and get your point across efficiently and how you speak out. I feel like I’ve told you this already but it’s really true.
@ColourfulBlack - You are such a good artist, don’t doubt yourself. I love your doodles. I could never even do one of your five minute doodles in two hours. You are going to a famous artist when you grow up. I love your style and I’ve always admired your art from afar although sometimes I do freak out with a bunch of AJSOIDFJIOSJFDOI or JSFIDOFJOSIDJ.
@ColorlessCanvas - You’re such a great artist too! I love your semi realism and realism style so much! I would literally pay you to draw me but I can’t really post pictures of my face online, and I bet you’d make it almost like a photo. I’m sorry but I only say things like SDFSDFPOERIR OR SJOEROWERIWT to your art or WHAT EVEN but that’s because it’s literally too much for me to handle. You have so much talent in art!
@SmilingSnowflakes - I don’t know you too well but you’re really nice and funny. Your happiness is literally contagious. I don’t know how you use so many emoticons but it’s fun to read. Your art is also really beautiful. Although its simple, it’s still so clean and pretty and cute. Your trail art on HS is also really good. I remember when you were like ILoveFluffyMonkeys or something like that...I’ve always admired you too!
@Anonymous - I figure you’re back so anyway...you are unbelievable at music. I remember in the Best Musician thing I thought I was going to beat you, and then I saw your music project, and I was completely blown away. You have so much talent in music and you really inspired me.
Srry for the stalking and know my lips are locked even tho anyone could rlly search that up
Be safe and dont tell anymore personal info bc then ■■■■■.s could find even more
@Rawrbear - You still haven’t proven my penguin god theory wrong lol...hope you and dude73 (not tagging her :0) have a nice future!
@SuperGirl3Acer - You are probably the best artist on Hopscotch. I was so happy when you did my request. It turned out so amazing. I can tell that you spend a lot of time with details, and all your art is so clean...and your coding is unbelievable too. Your project for the Summer Contest was really pretty; I think it was called “In the Garden.”
@t1_hopscotch - You’ve always been my role model, but I’m so tiny compared to you. You’re so nice, helpful, considerate, an amazing coder on HS and on other platforms. If I haven’t tagged you enough, I really really really loved 2048. It completely blew my mind. The design, the concept, the thought that you persevered to complete it even though arrays aren’t possible. It matches the real 2048 so much. I can really see the hard work.
@KVJ - Thanks for talking with PinkMarker. You’re so funny...no really. I actually laugh. Most things I think are funny I just blow more air out of my nose than usual...but really. Your gifs are amazing.
@Maltese - Don’t ever doubt yourself! You’re really hilarious and funny, and remember what I told you about thinking about all the positive things in life. Your trail art on HS is amazing and really cute. You’re too humble sometimes. Its good to recognize your qualities, not focus on your flaws. Bring just the right amount of attention to your qualities and it might overshadow your flaws. Everyone has flaws. We can turn them into qualities though.
@Pingu - although I never really talked to you, your art is amazing too. I don’t know how you do it, but your fruits as humans look more realistic than my humans as humans. ;o;
That’s a compliment lol
But you’re really funny even though I don’t talk to you much...penguins!
@Ella_13 - whatever account you’re on...I never really got to know you until you know...anyway you’re a nice person at heart...don’t let haters stop you
@Waffle_Draws - I don’t really know you but lol the Hamilton club...I don’t know if it’ll still be active by the time I get the guts to publish this but I hope you can run it
And wait for it to morph into something HS related
@TappyMlP - you’ve always been super cool and your art is amazing :D I don’t know you that well, but whenever I end up accidentally on your post its always something really cool
@William04GamerA - I love how you’re always there to say “Nice Topic!” or “Great Topic!” XD I think I’ve told you that already but anyway I like how you’re always so calm
@PIANOMAN - yeah I don’t know you’ve always been there when I’m bored...like whenever I’m like ‘someone pop up and talk to me’ you just randomly pop lol sorry I had to get that out there but good luck with piano!
@Dylan329 - How could I forget you but HONESTLY WHAT THE HECK YOU’RE SOO GOOD AT PIXEL ART AND YOU ARE A PRODIGY <--now you know what that word means :)
@lollypopcorn - probably not your “senpai” anymore since i’ve been sort of weird lately but anyway thanks so much for being a friend it meant a lot :D
@randomowlsLC - you are such an inspiration. You’re not only a good coder but also an amazing artist and super nice! :D
@MobCraft - keep being pretty and hope you win a beauty pageant someday for miss america lol

Anyway all you guys are awesome and I loved growing up here...I don't know if I acknowledged everyone I wanted, but if I ever said hi to you or tried to make you happy you know you were important to me.

Of course there are a few people who caused me to leave, but I'm not going to point out any of them despite how they've made me feel.
I’ll only be on HS until my subscription is over, then I don't really know what I'm going to do. Maybe I'm just overreacting, I don't even know what's going on in life right now..Honestly I could just be a little drama queen right now don't mind me I could literally be back tomorrow..life is so confusing I don't even know what I want anymore
So bye, have a nice day, forget me, see you on HS.

if any of you finish the challenge, good job :)



I'll miss you. It was nice seeing you here on this forum. From THT HQ to musician for MagmaPOP, you've done lots of great things to contribute to this community in your time.

Have a great life, friend. :)


thank you for the compliments, but that's not the point..
You're really cool, and it's always your decision if you want to go. I, too have lots of commitments put off to the side..
maybe just take a small break and get everything handled and under control with school, and have a bit of time for yourself.
It was nice to get to know you, and I hope that you can someday come back to the forum.
See you!


Aw, goodbye @Snoopy. I'll be sad to see you go and will miss seeing you around. It was great knowing you. I hope the best for you.


Bye Snoopy!
I don't really know you that well, but good luck in life! You're making the right choice, I think.
Here's a little present...


@Snoopy, I have to admit, you are one of my favorite forumers. You have always been a good friend. I hate to see you leave, but I understand why. Maybe it's for the better. Don't worry about the people who say you overreact.
You should catch up on school, piano, flute, etc. Good luck! Thanks for wishing me luck! I just won an award in piano recently yey but anyway, thanks for mentioning me and good luck on life.
P.S. Whenever you get the chance, plz finish up the duck story :wink:. And show it to us plz!
I hope I can see you soon!
Oh, and how could I forget, PENGUINS!!!!


Thank you for everything! You're a really nice and kind person, I'll miss you a lot! You were a really good friend, I'll miss talking with you and seeing your posts. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

I wish you the best, have lots of fun and farewell! Keep on penguin-ing, Snoopy! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)


Thank you for everything you've contributed, and everyone you've made feel better, and all of your amazing creations. Have a great life, frendo. :D


You know... when I first joined the Forum, you were one of the people who I looked up to.

A lot of people who I trusted turned against me but I haven't seen you acting like anyone different, so thanks for that.

I hope that you are able to find what truly makes you happy.

Thanks for everything and..


See ya I guess


Oh. Bye then. You're a good person and and coder, we'll miss you. Bye.


@Snoopy, i wanted to say...
From the moment i joined the forum i looked up to you, i admired you, i always thought of you as a role model.
Honestly I'm really sad to see you go, but then again we all will leave one day, and today sadly is your day.
I truly will miss you, and those penguin gifs XD and i hope you have a amazing life!
For the last time........goodbye, you will be missed greatly ;-;


We will miss you. Farewell, snoopy. Farewell, Senpai. Farewell.
but please try and stay.


Awwwww you will be missed and I have a sad face irl!
Bye bye fren that helped the community a lot
Your a hero
Bye @Snoopy


aww dude sorry to see you go! we didn't talk much but we had some good fun

u have my word that i'll make a genuine hopscotch project for the hamilton club as soon as i can get my tiny angry hands on an apple device


or maybe when tht finally decides to release a play store version,,

anyway, shade aside, i hope this decision is helpful for you! and if it's not, well, the forum's still here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I'll miss u dude.


Awe... I'll miss you :cry:

Anyways, bye and have fun with your life senpai Yep, you are still "senpai" ;) Thanks for the mention and being my friend all this time, I hope I'll see you again one day ^-^


Bye, Senpai! We will miss you and we hope you have fun irl!


Okay, bye. I don't see the point in attempting to make you stay, because when you write an essay that long, you are incredibly serious about it. I guess I'll miss you. That's the only thing I can say.



Bai den :<

I'll miss you :(


Well-written, as per the usual. :)

Thank you for the compliments, although I'm doubly more concerned about the larger matter at hand: you leaving. If it is your decision, which it is, then have fun outside of Hopscotch. I hope you have a great life!

And as for the request—I should be able to get to coloring and overlays soon, so I'll get it to you ASAP! ^^

I guess this is a goodbye 'till then. Have fun! :)