A little notice to you all



Hi guys, its Candycane

I am just making this topic to tell you about a little bit of inactivity ;-;

Something has happened to my country, that has had a bad effect into my family and we are all confused what is going to happen.

I am trying to be positive, but I can't mention it here, because it may cause a flame war and I really don't want that.

As a result of this, I have been really sad for the last few days - i'm practically crying while i am writing this ;-; I will not be as active on the forums for the next few days, maybe a week.

I really don't want to say goodbye, but I feel that it is best if I do for a week or so

I may be on google docs to talk about it, but i don't think it is appropriate for the forum.

I hope to be back soon,

Bye for now c:

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I hope it goes ok


I was literally going to write that right before you posted that.



I hope it will be better soon! I'm sad for you!


But anyways, if there is any way we can help, let us know!


Thats so sad! I hope everything goes well for your family.


Oh my gosh. ;-;

I'm so sorry D:

I'm making a doc specifically for happiness -- I'll invite you as soon as I can. c:


Wait, like you will talk about it on that doc?


What doc?

Oh, that one. Maybe, im not too sure yet


Candycane, can we talk about this on docs?
I'm making a doc with you. :3


I think I know what you're talking about, and big changes can affect very negatively, but they can also make positive changes after the negativity ends, or at least make it go back to normal.


Ok, thank you Pingy


Is it about Britain leaving the union?


I sent it. :)


Sort of, but there is a bigger reason. I don't really want to get poklitics involved with the forum :D


CAn I join .-.
or no, just wondering.


I hope no permanent damage has happened to you, your family, or your country. Feel better soon.


I would really like to invite you, but unfortunately, I don't know your email ;-;


@Pingu I don't know how to join and I would like to! How can I join the doc?


You have to download the app or get it on your computer.

I would love to have docs with you. :D

But I would need your email (HS email) but I don't have it and there is a no sharing email rule. ;-;