A little notice for next week

hello, so next week i will be going to new york as a school field trip

next week on wednesday

anyways, why i'm making this topic is because i'm just giving you a notice that i will either not post at all, or really early in the morning or late at night. that's because i don't have a phone, and we will not have wifi other than on the bus

and sadly we will not be seeing the hopscotch team as this is more of a technical theatre and acting field trip

ok that's all bye




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Oh okay
Ur lucky to go...
Me have 2 go 2 skewl D:


I understand. I have been to NY before, it's a nice place! Have fun!

Have fun!

yes but we get back at like 11 at night and we have to go to school the next day

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Okay, have fun on the trip!