A Little Art Contest For Everyone


I Swear that this isn't a "takeover" thing, I just want people to participate in this :D This is exclusive to the forum btw

Ok, so I made this Piggy Pad
And it allows you to create a pig and then draw on it

I want you to add onto the pig and make it look cute/funny/cool etc.
Add a nice name for it too!
You have until Wednesday to compete!
Prizes will be announced later~
The rubrik goes as followed:
Name (5 points)
Colors for pig (10 points)
The actual drawing (15 points)


I'm going to enter! @OrangeScent1


XD Here's mine
Btw, I respect Bill Gates, I just put it there for fun :P

Her name is Genny :D


It's so sweg :+1:🏻:ok_hand:🏻


Can't like ;-; Take this :heart: :D


I gave up after a bit. The pad is awesome though! :grinning::+1:


So anyone else want to enter? Wednesday is the deadline


I just opened the app and saw it got featured.
Wait- OrangeScent?!? OMG! I'm a terrible artist.



Congrats on getting on featured! :D



I decided to try again. :smile:

EDIT: Just realized the contest ended already, but why not post my pig? :joy: