A Little Announcement


Um, some people have been saying that my account is fake. No, it's not! I just like Raccoon better! That doesn't mean I'm not the real LotsaPizza:pizza::pizza::pizza:! How come people don't say that Valgo is fake? His character is Bear now, why can't I be Raccoon?
Anyway, I wanted to see if anyone wants to collaborate on making this music albums background? (Plus the piece of Toast ):

Just wondering... ;D
It's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!
So, if you do, answer this poll and reply below!
(poll is in next comment)


That would be a cool project! You could use clones for the text in the background :smiley: Though I'm sorry I'm not free for another collab at the moment. Can't wait to see what you make with the project though!


It should be pretty easy apart from the toast


I'll help! I have an idea about how to make the toast...


Okay! Just so you know, it's called "Yeah", the song. :wink:


Can I help?twenty Characters


Hey who sings the song because im having trouble


Sadly, the artist doesn't have an appropriate name :frowning:
But the songs are good, just type O M F G Yeah
I'm not trying to curse, please know that!
It's not my fault if the artist has a bad name but great songs!
(They are only instrumentals)


The character looks awesome!
If you want I can help you make the character.
If you respond yes, please precise if there is already a project started on this.


Hi @TromaxTheDestroyer!
Sure, you can help!
Just so you know, go to my channel on hopscotch OR search up:

Yeah... DRAFT

Pick the option that looks most like the cover or really the one by me :))


Your project is awesome.
I have tried keeping the background but the text Yeah kept appearing so I will start a new project.
Edit: oh sorry I mean't restart the project, if Imstart a new one and you continue, it will pit my name on the top.


Okay! Thanks!
Oh and I didn't start with anyone yet, so you didn't restart the project at all :))


Can I help as well?. If so then what do you want me to do?


@Alio000, sure!
Can you work on the toast? It would be very helpful!


To @TromaxTheDestroyer and @Alio000:
I've made an improved version. Why don't you guys take a look, huh?

(Please do not take note of the drawing (。ਬ 。))
You guys are welcome to edit it (anyone is, really)
I used one of MagmaPOP's projects for reference, which is how I improved it.
(Mario Stone Wall! Was the project)
So, um, edit away! (。ੇੁ~。ੁੇ)


Here you go
I have removed the background as it is impossible to work with it.
I see you have worked on the project in the same time.

In the future, when someone tells you that he is working on a project,
don't work on it in the same time, unless you want to copy the code you've made.


Edited it :wink:


Hi Lotsapizza do you want me to remove the circle when the project has finished loading?


Also do you want me to use fancy key for the arms and legs?


Sure! Anything you want, really! Thanks!