A list of all of my friends



Thanks! I'm a girl by the way!


You're welcome!! :3 :3


Ooooohhhh!!!! Addd meeeeee!!!! Yoooouuuu mmmmmaaaaaiiiii ffffrrrreeeeennnn!!


Yeah I'm your friend, friend :3




Keep this post wiki so you can edit it any time you like !


Oi not on darezzzzzzzz can uz adz me plase


This can’t be editied anymore.


*REads *

*Looks for the lil edit button *

there is no edit button

“So if i have forgot you i will add you”


wait am i a friend…



That’s because this is an old topic
You are a friend


*types ok *

YEEEES woooo


Why can’t people just forget about my st.upid old topic?


You’re still one of my best friends, Paige
This topic needs to be recycled
Idk why I made this…
What was I thinking…?


A long time ago, the edit button just disappeared, idk why ;-;
I can’t even put it on wiki, so I can’t add anyone else
I’m sorry if you weren’t on there. You’re still my friend.


MeEEeEeEEeEeEeEeEe please!
Oh ok


You’re still my friend, even if your not on the list.


Yay :grinning:


K dats okzzzzzz well I will always be ur frend