A list of all of my friends



Why did you give me four likes?


@ValueGamesStudio I would usually give people likes when they
Say something on my any of my topics and the reason why
I am on right now is because I'm eating but when I'm done
I'll have to go....


Yeah and also you don't need to help me with the pixel art I just wanted to know if it was too small or anything​:smile:You don't need to do it for me buts thanks anyway a will be sure to give you a shout out!


@ValueGamesStudio are you sure you don't need any help?
And btw thank you!


Yeah I just wanted to know if it was to small I will show you it when it's done okay!


Sorry I have also missed @Leafpool and @Stampycat:cat:
I am sorry to everyone that I have missed on my friends list


Sorry I meant @Leafpool:cat::city_dusk::volcano:~(on)~


1)I'm a girl!
2) yes, we are friends! Everyone here is my friend!


@CandyflossClouds :3


1 month later revive... :joy:


Oops XD


Yay! Thanks for the friend!


You're welcome!! :3 (20 characters)


Thank you for calling me a friend, Lisa1045.


You're welcome!! (20 characters)


Yes I am your friend!
And I'm a boy


:3 :3 :3 (20 characters)


:3 :3 :3


Thank youz! Really appreciated.



You're welcome!!!