A Krazy Glue break


Krazy Glue: A sticky glue that is permanent.

People. Idk but I just feel really hectic rn and clammed up in stress so I think I'm going to take a break. A permanent one. One with Krazy Glue all over it. Tommorow will be my last day. Goodbye.


Ok, I understand. I really hope you don't leave though! You are an AMAZING Hopscotcher! I will miss you every day! Bai fren!


Who is gonna take over your news?
Dude you are amazing pls


Oh thanks so much. You can take over.


Baiiiiiiiiiiii fren!!!!!!!


It would be an honor :sob::sob:


Lol you are very welcome.


Okay, baiiiiii fren! I will miss you so much! You are the best!


bai why dont you just take like a week long break, dont quit. taking a short break always helps




Bye, but we'll miss you!


Omg thicks I didn't know you guys liked me so much. And can't be a week long, bc I have school. I'm getting up at 4:30 everyday to get there soo


Nuuu! ;-;

U can take a break, but pls don't leave D:


Don't leave foreva Queenie!!


Could you come back next summer? As long as you come back I'll be happy. I really don't want you to leave.


I might come back next summer. I really will have no free time with my new schedule in school.


I might, but I dont wanna!!!!


I don't think we get hw going into 7th grade, im not sure


STATUS UPDATE: I was supposed to be leaving today, but Im going to stay until September 6th