A job at hopscotch? I really wanna know!


This is mainly for THT to see.

Ok, so basically, my dream job is to work at THT! I only 12 right now, so I wonder, what would be the requirements to get a job?

  • Have a bachelors degree computer science?
  • (obviously) Live in New York?
  • Be a certain age?

Would there even be a hopscotch at the age I get the job? I kinda already have my life planned out, and I really want to work at THT, but I'm lost on how to do that!

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Please help me staff!

I wanna work with the hopscotch team
I wanna work with the hopscotch team

This might help? http://gethopscotch.com/about-us

At the bottom there is a bit where you can email them


Well, I wish I could email them about that, but the email you send them is an application email...


It depends on what you want to contribute as a member of the Hopscotch team. Will you design? Engineer? Manage the community? Help with product managing?

Here's some information about applying for a job at Hopscotch, but of course, you need to be at least 18 years old (I'm pretty sure. There was an intern once that KC2013 met during her visit at the HS HQ in 2015, but I don't know how interns work).


I don't think this is the hopscotch we know and love...


XD Wrong link. I saw the right website, but must've copied the wrong one.

EDIT: I fixed it @Zachyswag!


Lol! xD :joy_cat:


Ok thanks!


Ok, the website wants me to apply now! I'm kinda too young, and WAY too far away from New York!


You can do something like an internship.
You can do some work for them without getting paid.
The work could be done entirely online.
When you make a resume in future ,you can show your work and have THT as a reference.


But what if hopscotch isn't even taking applications in the future! We're talking 6 years!


In 6 years,mobile devices will be considerably more powerful than what they currently are today.
Lots can happen during that time.
There's other companies making Game creation apps that you could contact if THT is still around in 6 years and aren't interested in your application


But all I'm saying, is what if hopscotch isn't even around in that time.


Lol I remember a long time ago, around the time I first joined when they were looking for a CEO I think


Hopscotch has never been looking for a CEO.


Apple and Microsoft started in the late 70s. Nintendo is 100 years ago. I think we can manage to exist another 6 years.


As @Intellection74 said, it depends on what do you want to do. Engineer? Design? Marketing? Community? And yes, New York. I don't what's the legal age to work, but I guess 18 is quite common almost in every state.


Excuse me for butting in, but I know the answer to at least one of your questions. The legal working age is 18 pretty much everywhere in the US, but there is some paperwork that can be done to allow you to get most jobs as early as 14 years old. There are other variations that allow for younger ages, but none of them would apply in this scenario (I do believe hopscotch doesn't need a farm hand or paper deliverer)

So if you are currently in New York, then you can technically do a ton of paperwork (as soon as your 14th birthday hits) and then apply at hopscotch in a little under 2 years. I'm not saying you will necessarily get the job, but you can apply at that age.

I'd still recommend, you know, going to college first. Most people who get a job at 14 work at McDonalds or something unless they're some kind of super genius (like some of us hopscotchers are :P)


I wanted to be a software engineer!


Wow... I just realized... Nintendo started by creating cards...

Now their making the switch!

Hopscotch will probably still be around!