A humongous shoutout to



Guys I think we need to recognize someone....
@SpreadPositivity !

She is always there for you!
How can we make tomorrow your day @SpreadPositivity?
Plz tell me!!


She even made someone's day here!!!!!!


Aw! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this. :smiley:

I know a way you guys could make my day. By being kind to each other and spreading positivity! That's what I'm here for, isn't it?

I want to thank you guys for the support! You are all incredibly awesome in your own special ways. I always look forward to everyone's amazing and unique projects here at Hopscotch. Thank you, @Murphy1 for making this topic! :sunglasses:

I'm out of Likes, so here you go:
<3 <3 <3


Ok tomorrow is officially spread positivity day!
And also @SpreadPositivity that is nothing compared to what you've made us


Is there a way we can get the word around everywhere



That's my dream day. Sounds baller! Awesome idea, Murphy. Thanks a bunch!

Maybe try using the Friendly Mass Tag List? A lot of people are on there. :D


I also made this on hopscotch too!


@SpreadPositivity, you are amazing! You... Well you spread positivity! We should totes have a spread positivity day! And you can be the leader of it!


Cool idea. Yes she should be recognized. She brings happiness to SO many people! I'm totes going to post a project tomorrow. : D
Ooh! We should all change our profile pics, too!



Thanks so much everyone! You guys are really making my day. :-)


It feels like my Birthday. XD :P


YUS! We should! I'm doing it now


You are very welcome! Wanna be friends?


Here's mine.



Of course! Everyone here is my friend. :D

Loving your new profile picture, @Kitkat26! <3


Thanks! I just love those Keep Calm sayings!!


What I should I change my profile pic too?
@SpreadPositivity you deserve this that's why I made this :grinning: did u like the project I made on hopscotch?


Yeah! It's a great project! :smiley:

Maybe change it to this:

Or this:


How about this?


That's awesome!


Dj cat will come back later! :grinning: