A Hopscotcher problem


On hopscotch there is this person called A Hopscotcher and he/she likes and follows you but you can't view there profile. And when you search he/she up nothing comes up. There are a lot of projects regarding who this is. Can you tell me and all the other curious people who it is?


A Hopscotcher is a user on the phone. I think that there are a lot of topics about this already. What do you think?


A Hopscotcher is a user that uses an iPhone and doesn't have profile, but they can like and play your projects!


A person who has a phone and can't make projects
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A Hopscotcher is just someone on a iPhone. They can't make projects, so they don't get real accounts


Welcome to the forum! A Hopsctcher is someone who uses Hopscotch on a iPhone. They can like and play projects, but can't make anything. Maybe you can use the magnifying glass to find a topic so you don't have to make one. :wink:
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Welcome to the forum! Love the topic! Remember to search for things like this first, using the gray magnifying glass in the top right!


Do you mean iPhone?