A Hopscotcher Problem FIXED


I go to the :zap:️ tab and I see this

Now I really seen it all! :smile:


A hopscotcher is a person who uses hopscotch on a phone. They can't make or code anything, so they just like and play


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"A Hopscotcher" Mystery Clues

But "A Hopscotcher" is literally the username of a Hopscotcher! But, look closer. When you tap a username in your activity, it usually takes you to his or her profile. But tap "A Hopscotcher"'s username. It doesn't take you to his or her profile. And "A Hopscotcher" isn't on the forum! And when you search for "A Hopscotcher", that username doesn't come up! This is a mystery. . .Let's try to summon The Hopscotch Team. . .Or maybe. . .Just maybe. . .Maybe "A Hopscotcher" is just what the text is set to when Hopscotch can't tell who liked your project, remixed your project, or started following you. . .


A hopscotcher is a person on an iPhone. They don't have profiles but they can still like! When they do, they pop up as "A Hopscotcher"!!


Oh, I did not know that. . .We have been on Hopscotch for about 3 months, but we're not new.


It's fine!


We been looking at the mystery our self's and we figured out that after a hopsotcher likes it sometimes dosnt show the like so...


The "Mystery" is solved now, it's an iPhone user.


I changed the title, I don't really know if the original title is appropriate for Hopscotch! :wink:


Its okay because "mental" means according to the dictionary "slightly daft; out of ones mind; crazy: he's going mental."


Yes, but insane is a more polite word. :wink:


Okay we agree. Its probly the right words :smile:


Hey, the title of this topic was changed to "A Hopscotcher Going Insane"!!!!!


It's nicer than before, and I still think it could be nicer XD