A Hopscotch Story! (By BerryFOX) :D




Soooooooooooo.............I have recently (and not recently) been seeing a lot of stories being made on the forum. (And obviously, they are related to HS), and I want to make one! I will need lots of help, and it will probably take a few months to complete, but I think I can do it!! I'm still thinking about the title, and will need some help coming up with it. To begin, I need at least 15 characters, a plot, a setting, a few main characters (Me XD and a few other peeps), a villain (or someone bad), and much more. So....you get the point.


Berry ;D


Main Characters (besides me XD):

Name in Story:
Frens (Or other people you want to be in the story):

Villain/evil person:

Name in Story:
Evil Sidekick? (Optional):

Editor/Story helpers (accepting 2):

Any beginning ideas?:
Storyline ideas?:
(We can discuss this in mai topic or somewhere else :3)


If Regular (accepting 3):

Name in Story:

If Member (accepting 3):

Name in Story:



(Btw you don't need something to separate the :D)


Just edited it :D

Can u add the OMTL??



Well, first of all, what's the idea/main plot of the story? @BerryFOX

I'd like to know that before entering a character. Plus, it'll also help with designing my character, to make sure that I fit with the plotline.


If you need more details then just ask! :D
I can't write the story but here's my character!


Username: LotsaApples
Name in Story: EvilPeach (EvePeve 4 short)
Really tan skin
Orange, crazy short hair,
Green/Blue Eye, other eye completely black (no whites of eye, no iris)
Crazy smile
Peach hoodie that says 'eat da peach', black leggings, neon sneakers
Personality: hates apples, very feisty, uses shaksphere speak, when is mad, gets very hyper crazy, stay outta her evil genius for she gonna BLOW, probably the most annoying person EVEA, and very cheeky and she's proud of it. BTW, she got dat TELEKINESIS....
Evil Sidekick? (Optional): An espeon named Sparky (I know, so original.)
Thanks! Your welcome


@BerryFOX, can you plz tag me when a new chapter comes out?


(For a villain. I'd like to be a side character, not a main one.)

Username: @XiaoMiaoMi/Shivelight [Hetalian]

Name in Story: shiv-and-chiv, 'shiv' for short.

Looks: Sallow-skinned, pale, hasn't-seen-sun-and-doesn't-want-to kind of skin tone. A modest frame, with a knack for twitching her left (our right) eye at random intervals. Her brown eyes are always scrunched-up, scrutinizing over various micromachine parts, an article from a book, or a person, looking over them. Wears a dusted-up, once-white office shirt (the ones with a single pocket on the upper-right) and simple black pants. Her black hair is always tied up.

Personality: A very annoying sort of person. She's a massive entomology nerd, as well as someone who feels the need to constantly correct people on their grammar, or "add" to the discussion by launching into a science lecture. She gets angry very easily, and her language is very Old-English-esque. However, her physical strength is pathetic; she can't run or anything. She's limited to workshops and libraries. As a side character/server of a big boss, her main role is to check in on all the machine parts, as well as annoy everyone within listening range of her—or rather, anyone she thinks is willing to listen to her.

Evil Sidekick? (Optional): She doesn't have many friends, even on the villain side. It remains that way. She's only kept around because she can fix machines.


Of course!


Quotes don't count as text, @XiaoMiaoMi.




i'm a villain though?
and i'm supposed to be annoying, i'm not myself in this story, okay?




Done! Hope i get chosen!


Soo if u don't accept I'll sign up for editor. :3


Your accepted!

Remember, I can't start the story until I have 15 characters!!


Thicks! I hope I get to get in the story!


I love this topic and I wish I could join but :sob: sadly I can't


Why not? ;-;