A hopscotch Roast



If you do not know what a Roast is its a day were you have fun and you talk about some people and say what you really think about them. So I have been thinking how nice you guys are and how can I do the same thing.So this came in my mind.

Ps.Thanks guys and liza


Here, have a like! :heart:


Also i want to thank

If i did not use your name im sorry i had forgot and i will edit if i remember


Why me?


Just because your nice and you remeber this


Thanks your pretty cool to


Wouldn't it be mean and offensive if you said they were the worst Hopscotcher ever?


Do not say that but say what you think about them such as cool,creative,a true gamer,juice and more


Only positive things!
*btw thx @Xboxboy :D


Think of a roast at camp or something, it's like that! You don't say negative things at a roast, only positive stuff! :slightly_smiling:


You welcome and thanks @RenegadeBird1 and @Rawrbear


All of you guys are juice

Even the bot that reminds us to get bot


Heres some more info on a roast roast information also it means toast