A Hopscotch Christmas Movie Collab



I am making a (see title) and I though why not make it with other Hopscotchers! So there are requirements to join there simple ones it will be out on the 23rd or on Christmas (25th).
• Good at coding
• Been on Hopscotch for more than 2 months
• Good at art (optional)
• Have been on featured, trending or rising
• Can make a joystick


I see you've invited me! I can manage if you would like! :wink:


I haven't been on featured trending or rising but I'm good at art and coding. I've been in hopscotch for like nine months!


I'll make an exception for you. Your in.


You can help manage this.


I see you have invited me. Sure! I would love to. Could I just help with tiny stuff though. I am busy with box swaps and drawing requests right now :slightly_smiling:




Count me in! I met all requirements!


Okay your in! :grinning:


Was I invited? 2020220


Okay, so I have an idea: we make "The Twelve Days of Christmas" using emojis and one person can make the sound. I'll draw the backgrounds and change the scenes. I'm great at using values.


Can I join! I met all the requirements!!!:grin::grin::grin:


Um... Are you asking moi because I reviewed a notification for that reply.:grin::grin:


Oh sorry I meant to ask @GiraffeProductions


You can join.


1. I'd say so
2. Yes
3. Meh
4. No

I can help with the idea of the story! I love doing that and I'm really good at making up stories!!!


You can join.