A Happy Coder and UptownStudios Collab!


Hey guys! I just wanted to make an announcement! A Happy Coder and I are creating Clash Royale in Hopscotch together! If you have any ideas or suggestions, write them here! Thanks!


Easter eggs.


Hmmm... I'll think of more soon.

Great idea, by the way! :D


Thanks! What do you mean by Easter Eggs?


Like secret hidden things! Things like, if you tap something, it gives you an extra gem or something! :D


Cool! I like that idea! Are there any portions of the game you think we should definently include, or some we shouldn't @Gilbert189


I would focus mainly on getting realistic ish movement from the characters! :D

Definitely add everything on the battlefield!


Ok! I'll try! I already made the logo! https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xweegphla What do you think?


Really good, great job! :D


How is the game going? :D


Can forget the 3 things you can buy once you go to the very :arrow_backward:


I'm working on the Title Screen @AHappyCoder. I'm trying to replicate the logo.