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Continuing the discussion from Suggestions to recreate apps:

Here @CreativeCoder



The basic controls seem simple, tilt to slide, tap to jump. The hard part will be to get the "gravity" of it (turn right and the bottom of the tilted screen is the point of gravity).

I think we should be able to pull it off, though


I certainly think this will be a challenge @CreativeCoder but egnough moping! let jump to it! so where should we start?


I think a simple base will be good. Not the "gravity to the tilt" stuff I was talking about earlier yet.

I'll post a project in a few minutes. It'll just be a block with:
When the iPad is tapped
Jump (change y by)
Jump (change y by -#)

And tilting left and right


we need a more realistic gravity than that don"t we!?!?


Hi, i was reading your discussions.
you could have "Change y 30"
"Wait 100ms"
"Change y 20"
"Wait 150ms"
"Change y 10"
"Wait 200ms"

For jumping up and code this in reverse when going down from jump to make more realistic feel

change the y value depending how high you want to jump


Thanks @Stradyvarious. I was planning on adding a more realistic gravity to it, but we can't start out in the deep end :wink:


I always make the gravity first but sure we can do it defferently!


oh and I have to drop out for a while


It's fine. It's 11pm where I am right now so I'll have to leave soon too.

The project is up. The reason I was a bit reluctant to do the Change Y By, Wait, etc. was because it's kind of blocky feeling. I guess can fix that up along the way.


can you paste a link to the project?




thanks! can I change the square to a FancyKey square?


Sure! I was going to do that, but I disabled FancyKey because it lags so much for me


that fine! @CreativeCoder Unicode Free is a app which is much less laggy


Ok, I'll check that out later. Do you want to use my collab account to make this easier?


@Stradyvarious said that collab accounts can get hacked and this is a project that I do not want to lose!


Okay. I might switch over to my messages account (Creative Coder Messages) if we do a lot of updates back and forth


I"ll fix the gravity and the square @CreativeCoder and then sand you a link


Ok https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xk40tkpcs @CreativeCoder