A Hacker alert! (Seriously Beyonce and the prime dancer?) - Senpai


Hi guys I am not sure if this is a hacker or not but someone changed my profile pic !

I never changed it so it is a Hacker or a mod or a leader!
Pls say if you did it !
Tagging leaders +


It's a mod.
I'm pretty sure it's PT. XD

I'm not a leeder tho
Someone (a mod) has been changing everyone's profile picture to that guy. O_o


Probably a mod @PopTart0219


Only Moderators can change profile pictures, so it's probably one of them. I doubt someone would hack a kid just to change their profile picture to Phil Pherry, but I suppose anything is possible. :laughing:


This is hilarious! :3
Do you sleepwalk? :D It's unlikely someone would change your profile picture to Phil. :3


Hacker: I'm going to change this person's profile pic to Phil Perry! It'll be hilarious!

Mod: (changes profile pic)

Hacker: ...oh


I didn't change anything, I can't. XD
(The ability to change other users' profile pictures is a Moderator and up thing)

I think it was a mod. :0


Idk who this pop tart is you're talking about I'm Beyoncé


Maybe you accidentally did it?...
But I'd report it to THT.


NONONO I did it xD


Ok then



hopes for the best of the best


Ok BeyonCÉ (@PopTart0219) you surprised me a lot.
Me: Look at my profile pic someone hacked me
My mind : Poptart is suspicious she is a mod and she has been posting a lot of Phill's pics
Me: True let's make a topic
5h later
My mind: I told you it was Poptart
Me: Yes ! Knew it!
I will keep that pic !

@SmilingSnowflakes nice pic @Mobcraft u and pop tarts conversation was so funny!


So funny!
Can't stop laughing!


Lol XD
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Saves pic to my camera!


Are u guys serious @Kiwicute2016 and @PopTart0219
I should be glad that @BuildASnowman didn't do it!


I'm glad I cleared up @Kiwicute2016 is the PRKME DANCER not the backup for Beyoncé who is under the name @PopTart0219


I really, really, really like your new profile picture!!