A Guide To The Forum



Hi! I'm LP. Though I am just a regular, I've been here since August 2015, so I decided to share some of my knowledge on the forum!
BTW: I know that there are many topics on this. I wanted to give my own twist!


We first must know how the forum works! Let me show you around:

Here is the main menu! Whenever you open the forum, this is what you will see. Sometimes, there might be a banner up top. That indicates a message that you should know. That is also a leader ability.
Do you see that bubble up in the top right? That, my friend, is your user card. That is what people use to distinguish you from everyone else. Click on that for your notifications:

Do you see where it says "LotsaPizza"? Right above where it says "Follow4LikesOfficial". Click on that to visit your profile.

Welcome to your profile! There, you will see your name, profile picture, bio, and user card background. Using some quick hacks you can change your user card background to a gif! Search that up with the search tab.
All the little tabs you see (Activity, Notifications, Invites, Badges, Summary, Prefrences) are to set your profile. Others will only see Activity, Badges and the Summary.
The search tab, or search bar, helps you find topics. It is located in the top right, and looks like a magnifying glass.

Click on any topic to view it. To create a topic, click "+ Ask a Question".
Those are basics... Let's get more in detail!

Forum Tricks

Tricks! Like:


A Dropbox! Yeah, these black arrow thingies.


Many others too!
For the first one, it is called size. To do it:
[size= #] sample text [/size]
\^/ In brackets, write size= 3 or any number. Close the bracket. Write your text. Finish in brackets: /size
The second one is a hyperlink.
To do this, you can either:
Do [text](insert link here, like https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xtcwimyiu)
Or, click the chain button. The chain looks very similar to the chain you use to copy links in hopscotch. It is here:

The third one is a dropbox. Details. Use this when you are writing a lot.
Make a bracket [
Insert details= what the title is
Close it ]
Hit return and type your hidden text
Finish with what you started with, except a / after the first [
Next is spoilers. It blurs the text. Click on the text to reveal what it is saying.
Spoilers go here
Finally, the poll. I'm not going to explain it here because many topics are dedicated to making a poll.
Bold is words in two asterisks
** **
Italics is in one
* *

Being a Kind Member

Make sure you are kind to everyone! There was once this person who bullied others. She got suspended- twice. Still is! So make sure you use kind words!
Also make sure you DO NOT post inappropriate stuff. That will lead to flags, closings of topics, and people's thoughts of you gone bad.
Respect everyone's ideas as well. Don't like an idea? Either don't reply or don't be mean! Rememeber that flags still exist and WILL block your post if too many people flag.

Hav fun! Need any more help? Reply below!

I'm new with this
Help.... I'm new! Please
How do I make a drawing pad on HS? / Shamrockat's general topic!

Nice tutorial! I have also found out that you can do This
To do that, write <kbd> Blah blah </kbd>
You can even do this! Hi


[To @PopTart0219]
Thanks for the dropbox idea, it's very useful!
[/To @PopTart0219]

Did I do it right? :worried:


Like this? Cool, @Follow4LikesOfficial! Ooh, doubles! Amazing, triples! Whoa, quadruples! Can this work?


i can







I can do it!


Add some "How to be a Leader"-styled tips.


And I think this is getting off-topic


This topic is about how to be a good member, and this is leading toward This kind of



Yeah, @Follow4LikesOfficial, @PopTart0219, @BuildASnowman, @Liza, whoever's a leader, is this off topic?


Great topic @LotsaPizza! :clap::smile:


Wow this is great! I love to see people helping the newer ones!
This is great advice!


Yeah, and I made one similar for tips on Hopscotch!


As long as you give tips on the forum, it isn't off topic :wink:


I agree with @PopTart0219


Great torturial! I think this will really help some new forum members and even make the forum a better place!


Well said! :slightly_smiling: this is a awesome tutorial, LP!


Did i miss it or did you forget it?

Well you can defy the thing called "20 character rule" by doing this:
< dkqm diakeskwkw
(Without space at beginning)
Also when you do that do not let it start with numbers, or commas and stuff only letters.
If your wondering why we need the 20 character rule is so you wont be spammin.g the forum by saying things like:



Just testing something :wink: single!double!! triple!!!