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Hello! This is FeltedCube, or, Felted Cube on the app. Anyways, this is a guide to the filter! Comments, criticism, questions, information I didn't include, and all that great stuff would be greatly appreciated!

What is the Filter?
You have probably heard this term used on Hopscotch before. The 'Filter' is a bot that cleans out the stream of ideas flowing in Hopscotch, filtering it. It checks for bad words, and text that is not appropriate. The Filter then blocks these projects from entering the stream, keeping them off Hopscotch.
This term is also used when a project doesn't make it online because of tremendous lag.

The tricky thing about the filter is that when a project is stuck in it, the publisher can see it in their profile just fine. But, it is invisible to others, and can't get on Trending, Featured, or even get likes in its current state.

Do this every time you publish a project!
There is a very simple way to check if your projects are stuck in the filter. Like your project. Then, check the 'liked projects' tab of your profile. Did it appear? If so, you are good to go. This means that Hopscotch sees your project as an existing project. (Okay, you can un-like it now.) But if you can't see it in your liked projects tab, your project is stuck in the filter.
I highly recommend you do this every time you publish a project.

So, now what do I do if my project is in the filter?
Well, you can email the Hopscotch Team, or create a link.

Emailing the team
First, make sure your project has no bad words. This could be what caused it to not pass through the filter and into the stream.
Then use the help button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the app to find contact info, or the options on the forum. Ask the Hopscotch Team politely if they would remove the project from the filter, because they can!

Projects stuck in the filter are not fully invisible to outsiders, or non-existing. You can create a link of a project stuck in the filter! Click the second button to the left on the bottom of the project. Solve a simple multiplication problem to prove you are an adult.. or at least mature enough to create links. Then, you can paste this link onto the forum, or another project. other users can copy and paste this app into a browser, then they can open your project in-app! If you use the forum, you may want to use the link creating option, to make it a button.
If you do this, you may notice the amount of plays increasing! That means people are looking at your project, playing it, etc! Unless, you are freaking out, and keep playing it to get it out of the filter. That won't work, by the way. But, others besides the publisher can NOT like the project.
Because links work on projects stuck in the filter, that means they semi-exist.

You CAN remix a project stuck in the filter. Others can, too. but, any projects remixed from a project stuck in the filter will be stuck in the filter too.
If someone remixes a project of yours that is stuck in the filter, you will see it in your activity tab. you won't see it in the "Remixes of My Projects' tab, or in account of the person who remixed it. You can easily access the project from your activity tab, and can remix it. But, if you remix it, your remix project will also be stuck in the filter. Of course, though, the one you remixed it from can see it in their activity tab!
Hopefully not too confusing??
This is good for two-person role plays, I guess, so neither clogs their account with it.

Filter on the Forum?
I do not currently know of a filter on the forum. Bad words are covered in black boxes, one over each letter (they get censored out). Projects can be flagged, but you can just click an option to view them anyway.

Well, that is it for now! I hope this helped in some way! Please tell me what you think in the comments!

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Ya, some words like deat.h h.ate, and other words discourse thinks are inappropriate


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I think this is a great topic with helpful information on what the filter is and how to check if your project is in the filter.

However, I don't think it's okay to try and get around the filter using links or inserting punctuation when your project/forum post has a word that isn't considered to be appropriate for kids. The point of the filter is to keep the community kid-friendly :smiley::yum: Just think about what you're saying and select more appropriate language.

Sometimes there are words caught in the filter by accident. In this case I suggest trying to replace them. If you can't locate the word you suspect is causing a problem, try pasting some of the text into another project and seeing if it publishes. If it doesn't, then you know the problem lies in that section of text. This was a method I used some time ago and I haven't heard of words being caught by accident for a while though.


Except a few ones, like s.


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