A guide to Preferences


strong textHello! In this topic I will guide you to the preferences menu, where you can customize your profile and change some of the settings that will be useful when you use the forum.

Getting to the preferences options

<--- Tap here
To get to the page where you can edit everything, you need to have an account and be logged in to it.
Tap your profile picture, which you can find in the top right corner.

Then, tap the gear symbol that you can find in at the top of the menu that will open.

Changing pictures

If you don´t want the profile picture that the forum will give you, you can change it easy.
To choose a picture, scroll down until you see the profile picture-option. It looks like this:
Tap the pen. This will pop up:

Here you have three different options:

  1. System assigned profile picture. The picture that the system gave you when you signed up, your first profile picture

  2. Gravatar. Gravatar is a website where you can sign up with your email and upload a profile picture. Social media platforms, forums etc. that supports Gravatar will get the image you have uploaded at the gravatar site, so you don´t need to upload it again. In order to work, you have to be signed up with the same email on the forum as you have signed up with gravatar.

  3. Custom picture. Your own picture that you upload from your computer or iDevice.

Don´t forget to tap "save changes" when you are done!

User card badge and profile background

For some reason, the image uploader stopped working :frowning:
Here you can change the background when people click on your profile.

  • User card badge is the background image that will appear if people tap on your profile picture in a topic.
  • Profile background when people view your profile page, this picture will appear.
    The upload is easy, tap the symbol that looks like an image and choose a picture.


The biography, often called ´bio` is a little description about yourself that people can read when they click on your profile picture.

Scroll down until you find the "About me" option. Type your bio into the text box. This can everyone read. Never share personal info.

Under the "About me" option, you can type in your location and your website. This will be viewable by everyone. Never use your adres.s or a personal website. "New York, USA is okay, but not your adres.s or your city if it is small.

I hope you liked the tutorial. I hope the images will work soon.

I will continue adding more later.


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A complete guide through the forum through links!

This is really helpful! I hope every new user sees this!


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