A Guide to Fixing the Forum


I don't mind this community being strict, but I do believe that to understand each other, it
takes socializing and communication. To do that, we kinda have to be a
little bit looser. And I don't think anyone has the power to change the
rules except for THT.

A miscellaneous category like Kiwicute brought up way back wouldn't be a great idea
since you could talk about literally anything, but I was wondering if we
could make a "get to know each other" category. For major events like the
olympics and other live events, we could socialize and have a mini party.
Although the forum is meant to ask questions, I do believe that talking
amongst each other isn't a harm. Again, you don't have to listen to me,
it's your choice, but please hear me out. What happens about the safety?
Well, we currently have THT members like @Rodrigo who are on a lot. And of course, the super strict hopscotchers who like the rules as well.
If you put yourself in my shoes or a member's
shoes, you will eventually get bored if all the forum contains is questions
and answers, and a collab or two.

Here are some of my ideas for the category:
- Discussions about games, current events, things, projects, technology,
economy, etc.
- Talking to each other with general categories such as "basketball topic,
reading topic, etc.", but only admins or mods can create the topics (I
dunno if discourse can do that but I hope so)
- Maybe after talking and finding someone similar to you, make a project on
hopscotch together

Of course, the rules would be enforced, such as
- no talking about communication outside forum (multiplayer game servers on
different apps)
- all other community guidelines

The goal is to have everyone to be friends and notice shared interests and make friends on the forum. We dont want everyone to not know each other, we want to have conversations with each other to know each other more! And my idea would work greatly for this.

We could do this by being more flexible with the rules, but i believe another category will fix the off topic issue, so we wouldn't need to make another rule. On Hopscotch questions: The current categories

^^ what i wrote in August for Liza who didn't respond


Ok? Wouldn't some people abuse this?

Just being really off topic?


what do you mean

like this topic or the idea just kidding i know what you mean and yeah that's why its time to promoteee


I love this idea! :0


This is an amazing idea! Not just because senpai wrote it, but the idea is very creative. :000

I really do thinking it's boring; the topics I find interesting drawing topic, talk to a Hopscotcher, general topics, and collabs.


and one thing THT is working so hard for is to expand their users on the forum and hopscotch but welp not gonna happen if you dont entertain them because marketing and kids are very confusing


I find interest in,

All of my topics xD

Giving feedback in projects

Drawing topic

Talk to a Hopscotcher

We do need a change :D



100% of my posts in september were non hopscotch related this is no joke at all


99% of my posts are off topic :0

but honestly I don't regret any of it xD
I like making people happy, having conversations, and laughing, if we all only talk about hopscotch it's not that fun ;-; when the rules are strict you feel trapped in a cage :0

I understand why the rules are the rules, but I don't totally agree with them ;;-;; I think we need more freedom :0


I really like this idea, Anon! :D

The forum can be a little, um, bleah without some off-topicness. The drawing topic, the Imagination topic, general topics, TTOH (talk to a hopscotcher), etc. are my faves! (So are Collabs.) We need more freedom here on the forum! :0


It's called a general topic

Nobody moderates those if you have enough replies


They aren't going to promote. They already said that they won't have leaders.


Great ideas!!

For the off topic topics I think there should be a limit on how many times you can post. Not like Basic User limit, but maybe 50 posts per day or something?
¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯ how redonkeylous this sounds




Don't diss Strong Gertrude (¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯)


Inspired by the Scratch forums:

  • Announcements from THT
  • Welcome to Hopscotch!
  • Help With Code
  • Show your projects here!
  • Collabs and Contests
  • Forum Games
  • Hopscotch Suggestions
  • Bugs
  • Real World Topics