A guide to creating topics and posts



So, I’ve seen a lot of topics or posts from new forumers that are off topic or can be considered spam. I think that we ought to fix this by simply laying out guidelines for what and what not to post.

What to make topics about:
Make topics about coding, including coding tutorials and collabs. Be sure to search before you post if you’re going to make a topic about a question that you have. If you’re going to chat a lot, make a general topic. People use general topics when they want to chat about stuff not related to coding or creativity, or when they have a minor question.
What not to make topics about:
Do not make art topics outside of the official art topic. There is only one art topic, and you will get a lot more publicity if you post there, as well as keeping the forum from getting cloggged with art topics. Also, as I said before, search before you post. Don’t make lots of topics in one day. Try to keep your maximum to two or three, and make sure to chat, give shoutouts, and ask minor questions at your general topic, if you have one.
What to post and what not to post in replies to topics:
Always stay on topic. If you have a non related question, ask it somewhere else. Don’t spam a topic by posting repeatedly, you can always quote posts and reply to multiple people in one post.

Hopefully this helps you guys figure out what and what not to post! Reply with your comments or additional suggestions below :slight_smile:

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Must Read for New Users!

Exactly! I miss coding clubs and stuff.


Yeah! Hopefully we can get them back :grin:


Yeah! On Saturday for me I’m calling the HS team, maybe I should ask them about that? Or what should I ask.


I think that would be a good idea :slight_smile:


This is a well written topic I bet this will help a lot of new formers!:slightly_smiling_face:


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This is so well written that I think that this topic should be linked in @the_dancer’s “Must Read for New Users”-topic.


Well I have a pixel coding club I just started if you are interested.
And @WynterDiamond Very well written!


And yeah, it would be great for this to be added to stuff like that so that new users can see it more easily :slight_smile:

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I set this under #faq, this seems helpful for new users.
It’s a good guideline!