A Groundbreaking Game


Have you ever played on a HSB Coloring Pad?
Chances are, you probably have. Yet, have you ever played on a HSB Pixel Pad? Chances are, you haven't. This is an original idea created and devopled by Hopcotcher and Swift coder,"ALOHAHAWAII STUDIOS". Aloha has clearly made the mark with their groundbreaking design. Making history with this legendary game, there is more to come.

This isn't an ordinary Pixel Pad
That's right, it's not ordinary pixel Pad. Aloha has developed this game with the finest Hopscotch update, and also fixing a few problems in her last Pixel Pad. Aloha has made it so that the cursor cannot leave your screen, preventing the user from messing up their drawing and hitting restart. This is indeed, one of the best Pixel Pads on Hopscotch.

Whats next to come?
You, the user decides. Aloha has engineered this game to meet the users needs. Whether you want to give them feedback or even an idea for a new groundbreaking game, Aloha listens.

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I love it!

Kewl kewl


Cool! Going to check it out

BTW I fixed the typo in the title :wink:


I tried to advertise like how Apple advertises their products!:slight_smile:


Elle XD



That's really cool! Is there a setting in the Pixel Pad to make only one pixel draw at a time?


Can you explain it a bit more detailed?:slight_smile:


Sorry. Right now it seems like when you tap on the buttons three pixels are drawn at once. Am I doing something wrong or is this how it is?


Cool! I also made a smooth pixel pad!


Halp the floor just cracked :confused:


Oh, I get what you mean. I'm not sure how to fix the sensitivity of the buttons.:confused: Just try to tap the moving arrow to generate just one pixel.:slight_smile:


Maybe you can make it wait some milliseconds after it moves?


I see. Well I'm on a computer rn so maybe that's why :slight_smile:


Make sure the item itself is good. Honestly, I do NOT like Apple's products, and I steer clear of them. Android for me!


Can I have a link? I'm on computer.


To quote my son, "Whoa, that's cool!"

I tinkered and @GysvANDRegulus' suggestion to add a wait did make it so only one dot was produced at a time, but then when you want a long row of dots, they also come out with the delay between each one. If I may make a suggestion...

You can make it so a "tap" produces one dot, but a "press" makes a string of dots without a delay. Here's how (at least one way):

The When Game Starts of the + object has this:

The + doesn't need its color set forever, so I moved it in front of the repeat forever. And added some new code inside the repeat forever. "Wait" is a new variable.

Wait is initially set to 200. Then all that code is doing is if Wait is changed to 0, it's "trying" to set the Wait back to 200 unless it's changed somewhere else in the project during the 50ms pause.

Then, still under the + object, add this wait & Set Wait to each of the arrow press events:

When an arrow is first pressed, the code waits 200ms after making a dot. This gives enough delay so that if the arrow was only tapped, only one dot is made. Then Wait is set to 0 so if you keep pressing the arrow a string of dots will come out without any delay. Subsequents loops keep setting Wait back to 0, so as long as the arrow is pressed, Wait isn't reset to 200 by the code in the When Game Starts loop. Once you stop pressing an arrow, that code resets Wait to 200, so the next "tap" of the arrow only makes one dot.




Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to add this code in and give you credit if I make another version.:grinning:


Are you a grown-up? I never knew that!


My pleasure. If I was able to help someone learn something new, that's all I'm hoping for. No credit necessary.

Yep. Have 2 kids, which is why I started Hopscotch & came to the forum. But hey, I really enjoy it too! And I enjoy trying to help others learn. :smile: