A Goodbye to the forum... For a month. (LEADERS PLEASE READ)



Hello guys! :D
I will be going to Paris and India! :D
Don't worry, I still have access to hopscotch! :D
But I may not have access to the forum :(
I do not think we are bringing my iPad :(
If we are, I will ask @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 @PopTart0219 @Intellection74 @SmilingSnowflakes to recycle this topic! I will soon use it to say who will be in the account with me and give out shoutouts! :D
But if I am not on the forum [ :( ] I ask that you keep my regular badge. I feel that I am keeping up well with the standards of Regular and I can't help it if I don't have access to the forum :( That would be great if you would understand!
See you later, forum! :D


Have an awesome time! @LotsaPizza


Have fun! @LotsaPizza!!



LotsaPizza, you scared me so much. ;-;-;-;-;-;-;

I thought you were leaving 5ever. ;-;-;-;-;

Have lots of fun! :D


Wait... PARIS?!

I'm in Paris for the rest of the week!



Same ;-;-;

Have lots of fun @LotsaPizza senpai pls :3


Thank you!
@smishsmash @thebestest
@SmilingSnowflakes :00 never would I ever :D
@Maltese thank you!! :D
@treefrogstudios COOL! Maybe we could meet :wink: (It's a JOKE people a JOKE)


Omg you're welcome senpai :DD


Bai ;-;

Hope your trip goes amazing! :D

My sister went to Paris, you'll love it there.

Also, my dad went to India and it's also awesome there. :3


Woah, that sounds awesome!
except for the part where there is no forum ;-;
Have fun, @LotsaPizza!


I'm from India! I go there ever other year :D and thank you!
Thanks, @Caramel_Puffin !


You're welcome :D


You're welcome!


Wait @Intellection74 is a leader? What ...Shoah..since when since the last time we talked she was a regular whoah oh my that means ayayyayayayayayyayayayayayay she liked a bunch of my projects...ahahanhasnsbsnbsnsh yay sorry BoT


Have fun

I really wanna talk to you about stuff and art


@BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189

That's not fair for others who lost their reg as loads of others go away and lose it tho it's not their fault so why should one person get there's to keep that's not fair on loads of peeps we can't have special treatment for certain people no offence


Have fun, and don't let the mosquitos bite!


Haha! Thanks :laughing:


Oh, and make sure not to fall of the Eiffel Tower!


If they were to ask to have regular locked, the mods would review their account and see if that was needed, and come back with a result. :slight_smile: