A good reply to a leaving topic


So there are a lot of people like this:

But the thing is that sometimes this is just a sad attempt to try to get them to stay.

Even if you say "But it's your choice" afterwards.

(btw this is not targeted to "Bye, I'll miss you". I'll get to that soon)

The thing is that we shouldn't try to get them to stay. People come and go. Accept it. Move on.

My idea is to just notify that you know that.

Although another idea is to tell them your experience with them. Let them know how they've influenced the forum or your personal experience with them. Be honest, as usual.

Ok, about the "We'll miss you" thing. Yes, you will miss them, but eventually you will move on. But that's good because better will come.


I agree with this.:grinning:

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I get it. Some people are trying to get you to stay, but some are actually trying to show they care for you, and will actually miss you.

You just have to know the difference


Totally agree!

Eventually we pass our time going on youtube, filling are time with school, and going on here. Seeing people you like even tho you never met in person, and dont know anything about. But eventally, you grow up from it, forget, and move on, and then.... who knows?

Sorry for going deep I guess .-.
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I do know the difference


I don't agree. :)

Usually when people say "nuuu ;-; pls dun leave fren D:" it's cuz they care. I don't see anything wrong with saying that. :D

I don't know what's else to put... XD


People don't want other people to leave their community, which is normal


I only see a problem when people say it to people they don't even have many relations with


But usually with those they know pretty well


I don't think that's wrong, there's nothing wrong with being nice to strangers :)