A good idea someone had (Follower count on profile)


On Hopscotch there was a project that suggests showing your follower amounts. I think it’s a great idea. The project right now has about 70 likes which means seventy people agree. @Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion?


This is impossible until tht rewrites Hopscotch in another coding language. I think JavaScript. Ask @lollypopcorn I think. Might be someone else.


Follower counts would be great!


I figured it would be easier… like how you use values to show scores. Like whenever someone presses the follower button the value increases.


You just broke an OMTL guideline.


Don’t ask me. Ask tht.


You are always so picky about it…I need to read through the guidelines again…


I’m not picky. I just want to remind people when they break rules.


What’s a OMTL guideline?


I’ll edit a pole into my first post. How do you make a pole again?


See, the thing is, if they added that, Hopscotch would become a lot more like Instagram. Everyone would be competing for validation, and trying to increase their followers. While the app does have featured, trending, etc., those are meant to shine the spotlight on great creators and their projects. If a follower count was added, countless people would be offended by having less followers than someone, try to gain more followers, and brag about having more followers than someone. With everyone suddenly having a standard to live up to, the app becomes even less focused on coding, and more like Instagram- very attention based and not much fun for everyone.

I do like the idea, but unfortunately, I don’t think it would fit well with what Hopscotch is, and would cause a lot of isssues.


That too.


Maybe there could be an On and off for follower shows so if it’s personal to someone it wouldn’t show.


They could still brag about it.


Yeah I was thinking that…this still is an app for us young kids…:innocent:(Well I am not necessarily young…)


Click or tap on the gear when you are replying and you should see a build poll option.


Good thought, but do you think that someone with a lot of followers would have it off? They would want people to see that they have a lot of followers. The only thing that it would fix is people with not many followers being upset that people knew they had not many followers. However, it doesn’t fix the main problem, people not feeling valid because they don’t have as many followers as someone.


True true. Hmmmm if someone is bragging the Hopscotch Team could take away their ability to show their amount of followers or see it.


Also true but likes do the same thing. It doesn’t make a difference.


Again, good idea, but that’s just another feature to monitor. They don’t even catch close to all of the inappropriate projects, so they’re no way they could individually manage everyone’s following abilities.