A good Idea/ am making it



I am making a project that allows you to make a rectangle that you can draw, then it comes into a real block! Ot sounds really cool, but it takes a lot of CODE! So I might need some one to help with me. I will reply if I need someone.


Can I please help @Phase_Studios


Yes you can, but am doing something right now, I will publish to you @Gabe_N, and what is your Hopscotch username, my is Phase Studios®.


I'd also love to help if you need it @Phase_Studios!


Ok that would be great! But what is your Hopscotch username @CreativeCoder?


My hopscotch username is Gabe N beta tester:zap:️:zap::zap:


Ok, Thank you!Twenty


It's Creative Coder. Same as my forum, only with a space